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Thumb original cycas hospitality case study sap concur

Cycas Hospitality Cuts Costs and Improves Financial Management with SAP Concur

Thanks to the travel functionality of SAP Concur Travel & Expense, Cycas can now make sure that employees comply with company business travel policy from the minute they book their trip. In addition to this, the number of m...

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Thumb original brochure enhance your spend management and compliance with sap concur solutions ent rc

Enhance Your Spend Management and Compliance with SAP Concur Solutions

Every time your company decides to spend a dollar, Yen, or Euro it’s a moment rich in both opportunity and risk. Each spending decision is a chance to invest in your business while controlling costs. But each decision brings th...

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Thumb original 12 ways to get the most out of cct ebook uk a4  1

12 Ways to get the most out of Creative Cloud for Teams

Discover powerful features for teams and see how they boost creativity, productivity, and business impact. Adobe Creative Cloud for teams does more — a lot more — than simply help your team produce amazing creative assets. ...

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Thumb original thedrum adobe whitepaper en  1

The office of the future: creative, collaborative, flexible

The era of the 9-to-5 is over. For marketers at least, a new, flexible approach to work is taking over, catalyzed by the events of the past 18 months. This is the key finding of a new white paper published by The Drum and Ad...

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Thumb original ey 4956 digital age ebook v1

Building trust and confidence in audit and risk functions

Unpredictability is here to stay. From unprecedented social restrictions to rapidly changing economic and political landscapes, assessing risk has never been more difficult. To help businesses take on the challenges of this ...

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Thumb original securing business in a world of transformation

Securing Business in a World of Transformation

Digital transformation, driven by the need to rapidly respond to market, customer and operational needs, is fundamentally altering business as we know it. Whether it’s to support an increasingly dispersed workforce or to develo...

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Thumb original sosafe   cybercrime trends 2022   en

Top 5 cybercrime trends of 2022

Latest Trends in Cybercrime and How Your Organization Can Stay Safe From automated spear phishing emails, phone scams, multiple extortion to supply chain attacks: Cybercriminals are adding innovative strategies to their tool...

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Thumb original b2b media group content syndication app note   characteristics and driving recommendations   onsemi gen1 1200v sic mosfets modules

onsemi M 1 1200 V SiC MOSFETs & Modules: Characteristics and Driving Recommendations

SiC MOSFETs are quickly proliferating in the power semiconductor market as some of the initial reliability concerns have been resolved and the price level has reached a very attractive point. As more devices become available in...

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Thumb original b2b media group content syndication app note   performance comparison of 1200 v sic mosfet and si igbt

Performance Comparison of 1200 V SiC MOSFET and Si IGBT Used in Power Integrated Module for 1100 V Solar Boost Stage

This application note compares the performance of two power integrated modules (PIMs) in the boost stage of an 1100 V solar inverter. One PIM used state−of−the−art silicon 1200 V IGBT (part number NXH100B120H3Q0 defined as PIM−...

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Thumb original b2b media group content syndication whitepaper   fast dc ev charging common topologies and power devices used in the system

Fast DC EV Charging: Common Topologies and Power Devices Used in the System

The role of DC Fast charging (DCFC) is clear in removing barriers to EV adoption. The need for shorter charging times has resulted in higher power EV fast charging approaches 400 kW entering the market. In this paper, we will d...

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