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Thumb original the economics of infrastructure scalability   en

The Economics of Infrastructure Scalability

Customers worldwide are expecting more – faster delivery of goods and services, and an enhanced user experience. However, it is becoming more difficult for organizations to keep up, especially with the constraints the tradition...

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Thumb original the enterprise guide to scaling on demand   en

The Enterprise Guide to Scaling on Demand

Business continuity has never been on people’s minds more than today. Organizations are challenged to meet unexpected spikes in traffic without sacrificing the delivery of goods and services. With VMware Cloud on AWS, your busi...

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Thumb original top 5 challenges of deploying a comprehensive draas solution   en

Addressing Top Five Challenges of Deploying a Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Solution

Even a minor outage can put organizations at a competitive disadvantage, especially in today’s markets. In order to succeed, it is important to have a business continuity strategy in place that protects all data and application...

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Thumb original top 5 challenges of extending data centers to the public cloud   en

Top 5 Challenges of Extending Data Centers to the Public Cloud

The public cloud brings many obvious benefits, but organizations are often challenged with successfully integrating their on-premises environments with the public cloud. These challenges include: · Lack of interoperability b...

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Thumb original top 5 challenges of running vdi and apps in the cloud   en

Top 5 Challenges for Running Virtual Desktops and Application in the Cloud

Organizations are moving to the public cloud in order to respond quickly changing business needs, increase agility and expand global deployment options. Migrating or extending workloads to the cloud brings exception flexibility...

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Thumb original is2102g0011 040 miw vdi ebook en

How Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Enables Digital Transformation

Managing desktop infrastructure requires balancing several key factors, such as ensuring users have the desktop resources they need, making the environment secure and accessible, and controlling costs. In the past, these fac...

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Thumb original is2003g0006 005 3rd dell emc trusted data center cloud solution en

The Trusted Data Center and Hybrid Cloud: Best Practices and Business Results for Mid-Market Organizations

Many mid-market organizations struggle to deliver the data center security and reliability demanded in this highly competitive segment of the market. Both line-of-business and IT stakeholders acknowledge room to improve. By ...

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Thumb original vmware cio vantage lead forward executive insights report fy21q2

VMware Lead/Forward Executive Insights Report

Majority Lean into Digital Transformation: 75% of CXOs and IT Executives have accelerated their digital transformation as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Follow the lead of these digital pioneers by reading the latest guidanc...

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Thumb original vmware intel cio roadmap hybrid multicloud updated

CIO Roadmap to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

From SaaS to PaaS, on-prem to public, containers and Kubernetes, we’re living in a hybrid, multi-cloud world. With a realistic roadmap that ties IT strategy to business outcomes and identifies the people, processes, and technol...

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Thumb original vmware forrester tlp tension between it and security professionals

Tension Between IT and Security Professionals: A Unified IT and Security Strategy Can Lay A Foundation For Future Success

Although IT and Security teams shoulder the responsibility of many mission-critical tasks in organizations, they often are not aligned under a unified strategy. To assess how a common IT and security strategy can break down sil...

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