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Thumb original state of xiot security report  2h 2022

State of XIoT Security

Team82 presents its sixth biannual State of XIoT Security Report, covering published vulnerabilities affecting cyber-physical systems in the 2H 2022. This report is an analysis of the XIoT vulnerability landscape for security l...

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Security operations maturity model

Security Operations Maturity Model

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, your cybersecurity efforts must follow suit. With your security operations center (SOC) at the core of your offense against threats, you must ensure that it can handle anything that ...

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Modernising your soc strategy

Modernizing Your SOC Strategy

Modernizing your security operation center (SOC) strategy means investing your time, budget, or resources to enhance security maturity, improve resilience against cyberattacks, and reduce risk to the business in the modern-day ...

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Logrhythm ueba

LogRhythm UEBA: Advanced Analytics UEBA

With the dramatic increase in the number of cyberattacks and their advancement in complexity and sophistication, it’s crucial to expand detection capabilities with advanced analytics such as machine learning (ML). As reinforced...

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Logrhythm siem

LogRhythm SIEM

For organizations that require an on-prem solution due to regulatory requirements or IT preference, LogRhythm SIEM is the industry’s most complete platform, providing the latest security functionality and analytics. LogRhythm S...

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Logrhythm axon

LogRhythm Axon

There is a lot riding on the shoulders of your security operations team — protecting the organization’s reputation; safeguarding sensitive client information and ensuring the organization’s ability to deliver products and servi...

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Tei of logrythm platform

The Total Economic Impact™ Of The LogRhythm Platform

The LogRhythm Platform is a security information and event management (SIEM) solution that provides a single integrated platform for rapid detection, response, and neutralization of security threats. It improves organizations’ ...

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Thumb original zerto cyber attack survival kit tk gt pdf


Ransomware? Recoverware. It’s Time to Attack Your Ransomware Recovery Strategy Experiencing a cyberattack is no longer a matter of if—it’s a matter of when. Developing a clear ransomware recovery strategy is your best defe...

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Thumb original top 5 challenges of extending data centers to the public cloud   en

Top 5 Challenges of Extending Data Centers to the Public Cloud

Extending your data center to the cloud offers a host of benefits, including access to on-demand capacity and a variety of innovative cloud services. But integrating your on-premises data center with cloud can be a huge, compli...

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Thumb original vmware cloud on aws   cloud migration and modernization buyers guide   en

VMware Cloud on AWS: Cloud migration and modernization buyers guide

As cloud becomes the primary deployment environment for a majority of workloads, many organizations are turning to a hybrid cloud strategy that enables them to leverage existing on-premises investments. But what’s the best ...

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