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Thumb original top 5 challenges of deploying a comprehensive draas solution   en

Addressing Top Five Challenges of Deploying a Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Solution

Even a minor outage can put organizations at a competitive disadvantage, especially in today’s markets. In order to succeed, it is important to have a business continuity strategy in place that protects all data and application...

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Thumb original the complete guide to cloud economics   en

The Complete Guide to Cloud Economics

Organizations are moving to the cloud to take advantage of economies of scale, global reach, and to set the foundation for innovation in their business. Yet, despite the obvious benefits, IT leads are facing a number of challen...

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Thumb original 691726 2020 business value running applications vmware cloud aws vmware hybrid cloud environments

IDC: The Business Value of Running Applications on VMware Cloud on AWS in Hybrid Cloud Environments

IDC spoke with organizations to understand the IT and business impact of running applications on VMware Cloud on AWS compared to running those on other public cloud solutions. Some of the Key findings include: · 57% lower co...

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Thumb original 886495 whitepaper update

VMware Cloud Workload Migration Tools

Before starting a cloud migration project, it is critical to understand the strategies and tools available to you, which will depend on your organization’s goals, timelines, service level agreements, and workload requirements. ...

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Thumb original 887655 migrating to the public cloud six success stories ebook 2

Migrating to the Public Cloud: Three Success Stories

Organizations find the public cloud appealing for its promises of agility, reduced costs and developer-friendly capabilities. And in an era of rapid innovation, what’s not to like? But migrating to the public cloud can be chall...

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Thumb original 396671 the definitive guide to migrating to the cloud ebook vmware

The Definitive Guide to Migrating to the Cloud

To lay the foundation for modern application development, increase agility, and reduce cost, IT leaders are migrating their infrastructure to a cloud model that often spans multiple public cloud providers and their own datacent...

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Thumb original data and analytics leadership guide

MIT Sloan New The New Leadership Mindset for Data & Analytics

While many companies are hiring data scientists and other types of analytical and artificial intelligence talent, there is little consensus within and across companies about the qualifications for such roles. The term data scie...

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Thumb original cio guide building modern strategy for ai


Data and analytics have unleashed a new era of business opportunity. Fueled by the cloud and machine learning (ML), modern analytics deliver increased visibility across the business, helping to drive decisions that are paying b...

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Thumb original cio guide data driven culture


Some organizations establish a data and analytics Center of Excellence (CoE) to help establish a data-driven culture. But a CoE can easily turn into a fiefdom or just another data silo if its mandate and oversight aren’t crysta...

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Thumb original harness power of data ebook en

Harness data to reinvent your organization

Organizations that are data-driven treat data as an asset, no longer the property of individual departments.They set up systems to collect, store,organize,and process valuable data and make it available in a secure way to the ...

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