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Thumb original 884548 multi cloud it executive buyers guide vmware

Multi-Cloud IT Executive Buyer's Guide

Intentionally establishing a multi-cloud strategy is a powerful way to modernize your IT infrastructure and accelerate the velocity of your business. Selecting the best multi-cloud solution for your organization should begin wi...

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Thumb original 896653 understanding vmware approach multi cloud architecture

VMware Multi-Cloud Architecture – Enabling Choice and Flexibility

In today's world, application growth is unprecedented and enterprise applications run from a wide range of cloud endpoints - some public, some private, some via SaaS delivery, some managed by you, some managed by others. Curren...

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Thumb original architecting your multi cloud environment   en

Architecting Your Multi-Cloud Environment

Businesses are developing new software and modernizing existing applications to support their digital transformation initiatives. Architecting a cloud environment that supports the five key architectural principles below will h...

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Thumb original application modernization initiatives garner growing share of it budgets   en

Application Modernization Initiatives Garner Growing Share of IT Budgets

Moving applications to the cloud correlates with higher modernization maturity. But migration to the public cloud is not the goal. Rather, IT leaders seek flexible infrastructure that enables them to shift workloads to the most...

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Thumb original okta ciam dummies guide uk  3

Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM)

You’ve no doubt used customer identity and access manage- ment (CIAM) in your personal life as a customer of other businesses — whether you realized it or not. Perhaps you’ve logged into a website to purchase concert tickets. O...

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Thumb original 6questions en spend management spend gov checklist za ent final

Spend Management Checklist: Six Questions to Consider

Business spend was evolving even before the pandemic, as more and more employees were spending with less and less oversight. Now, as companies find themselves in a constant state of flux and employees vacillate between working ...

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Oracle 220x220 03 dummies  1

Autonomous for Dummies

Oracle Cloud is the industry's broadest and most integrated public cloud, offering a complete range of services across Saas, PaaS, and IaaS. It supports new cloud environments, existing ones, and hybrid, and all workloads, deve...

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Thumb original plume advantages of opensync over easymesh

The Advantages of OpenSync Over EasyMesh

The proliferation of WiFi mesh networks—and multiple access points in the home—drives the need for better in-home network management. Communications Services Providers (CSPs) are considering new technologies that offer more sop...

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Thumb original plume connectivity during a crisis part 2

Innovating to Adapt to a Post-Pandemic World

Described as the most severe economic crisis since World War II, the COVID-19 pandemic affected almost every industry in all parts of the world. While Communications Service Providers (CSPs) felt relatively few short-term impac...

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How Ethernet will transform the auto industry

The automobile industry will transform in the next decade, as OEMs leverage remarkable innovations in Ethernet to integrate more high-resolution cameras and sensors, tap the power of 5G networks and implement zonal architecture...

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