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Turning Policy Shifts into Moments of Clarity: Five Tips for Safeguarding Your Spend in Times of Change

Business change of any kind tells us two things. First, businesses inevitably gain an advantage, no matter if the adjustment is severe or minimal. Second, additional changes in how people get things done also emerge ‒ some shor...

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Running the Numbers The key to your spend management story

The truth is always in the numbers, but it also often hides there – under a few mistakes figures in the mileage logbook, behind missing auditing, or in cash transactions that could or should have been put on a card. And the onl...

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Achieve your best RTOs and RPOs

In an increasingly digital world, all organizations, across all industries, are susceptible to disruptions resulting in downtime and data loss. Given enough time, it is almost guaranteed that your organization will encounter a ...

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Thumb original zerto datasheet   cyber resilience manage and mitigate the high cost of cyber threats with zerto

Manage and Mitigate the High Cost of Ransomware

Get Ransomware Ready with Zerto Ransomware is one of the most dangerous threats to organizations around the world, and both the threat and the cost of ransomware attacks are continuing to grow. If you are not prepared for an...

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Thumb original peerspot whitepaper for zerto financial services en

Modernizing Data Protection in a Hybrid World for Financial Services

PeerPaper™ Report 2022 Financial services firms need to balance strict security and compliance requirements with mandates for digital transformation and customer expectations for an “always on” business. Data protection, in ...

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Extreme Digital Experience Makeover: Contact Centre Edition

Imagine living in a home without modern plumbing or electricity. How many middle-of-the-night trips to the outhouse would it take for you to either renovate or move? The same goes for your contact centre and your customer. T...

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The Road to Agent Experience Maturity: A Self-Assessment

In this toolkit, we’ll provide you with a framework that you can use to enhance your agent experience while improving the overall effectiveness, and impact of your contact center. Using this toolkit, you can assess your team...

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14 innovative personalisation ideas for the digital-first customer

Prior to 2020, customer personalisation was a nice thought. Many contact leaders struggled with providing the ideal experience with departmental silos, legacy systems, fragmented customer data, and disjointed customer journe...

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Customers embraced technology to manage all as- pects of daily life and set off a digital disruption that forever changed how businesses interact with them. To meet new customer expectations, businesses adopted hybrid models th...

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Agent training tips for productive-from-anywhere contact centres

The modern customer spends 17 hours on screens a day, turning to social streams for advice and the web for answers. They order and return products online—often, without human interaction. In fact, 68% prefer self-service for...

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