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CIO Essential Guidance: Blockchain

There are a lot of emerging technologies today, and it may feel like it’s important to tie your horse to one or be left behind. Blockchain has been hailed as revolutionary, but is it worth investing in? In this executive brief,...

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Thumb original vmware intel ai honeymoon is over wp

The AI Honeymoon Is Over

CIO expectations for artificial intelligence are high, but success in this arena has proven elusive for most. In this executive brief, we explore the enthusiasm for AI—specifically machine learning—while highlighting key infras...

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Thumb original idc accelerating digital business strategy cio vmware

IDC: Accelerating Your Digital Business Strategy: Three Strategic Priorities for Today's CIO

The average tenure of a CIO in large organizations is short and it’s a challenge to make a significant impact during that time. What can CIOs expect to accomplish in that period of time and what challenges do they face in that ...

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Thumb original vmware forrester improving customer experience with app portfolio european spotlight

Forrester Consulting: Improving Customer Experience and Revenue Starts With the App Portfolio: European Spotlight

In October 2019, VMware commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate executive sentiments about the state of their current application portfolios, their ability to create terrific end-customer experiences, and the connection b...

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Thumb original vmware intel cio roadmap to hybrid multicloud wp

CIO Roadmap to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

From SaaS to PaaS, on-prem to public, containers and Kubernetes, we’re living in a hybrid, multi-cloud world. With a realistic roadmap that ties IT strategy to business outcomes and identifies the people, processes, and technol...

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Thumb original vmware forbes 2000 days cio road map for 2025

Forbes Insights - 2,000 Days: A Roadmap for the CIO in 2025

The CIO's world is changing fast. In five years, chief information officers (CIOs) will have new responsibilities in the C-suite and across the enterprise, extending their strategic influence over product development, marketing...

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Thumb original dell transformingproductivity

Transforming Productivity with Modern Client Solution

Transform your workplace productivity with a faster, more secure experience. Dell Technologies solutions are designed to transform the way your IT deploys, secures, manages and supports technology for your workforce — from the ...

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Thumb original dell latitude chrome enterprise compete study

Dell Latitude Chrome Enterprise Compete Study

In the past, business users looking for enterprise‑class power have turned to more traditional operating systems. And users looking for a Chrome experience have had to settle for devices with less storage, less RAM, and less po...

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Thumb original document

Coronavirus: Impact on, and Implications for, the Global Supply Chain

Supply chains are in better shape today and have a greater visibility and are more resilient; but as the coronavirus is showing, they are still not resilient enough. While globalized operations can mean diversification of ri...

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Thumb original covid 19 and shattered supply chains final for cs

COVID-19 and shattered supply chains - Reducing vulnerabilities through smarter supply chains

Companies typically create supply chains with the expectation that materials will be easily accessible. However, as COVID-19 has shown, unexpected events can shatter this basic premise, disrupting supply chain performance. ...

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