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A helping hand: How CAFM software is helping businesses take charge of their operations

Multi-tasking will be a familiar skill of every facilities manager across the country. Yet given today’s fast-paced and costconscious world, the FM landscape has changed rapidly with technology now integral to keeping business ...

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Thumb original getting back to business

Getting back to business: Creating and managing a 'COVID-secure' workplace

COVID-19 has changed the world and how we live our lives. As well as being a public health emergency, it has had huge economic implications. Workplaces are going to be very different from the ones they left. In this whitepaper,...

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Thumb original match made in heaven

Match made in heaven: How can businesses find a long-term CAFM partner?

Driving efficiencies, mitigating risk and ensuring service delivery is no mean feat. Effective facilities management means having the right systems in place to give complete visibility of all your assets, costs and risks, to ta...

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Thumb original vmware intel seven cybersecurity misconceptions every cio should dispel wp

Seven Cybersecurity Misconceptions Every CIO Should Dispel

Cybersecurity spend continues to increase, yet breaches continue to rise. What are we doing wrong? For starters, most organizations define cybersecurity practices through preventative technologies. What these approaches are oft...

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Fy21 q4 mdw content syndication oracle autonomous database for dummies 300x600 1 en

Oracle Autonomous Database for Dummies - Drive innovation with smarter data-driven decisions

Oracle Autonomous Database is a self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing database that enables your company to free up budgets, reallocate your resources, and reduce risk. This moves the focus from manual management chor...

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Thumb original data center extension buyers guide   en

Data Center Extension Buyer’s Guide

As organizations continue to adopt the public cloud as part of their IT environment, the hybrid cloud is becoming the preferred approach. Yet successful integration of the traditional data center and the public cloud is necessa...

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Thumb original disaster recovery as a service buyers guide   en

Disaster Recovery as a Service Buyer’s Guide

Many organizations understand the importance of implementing a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution to protect their business-critical applications. However, your business must weigh the pros and cons of different Disaster Recovery ...

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Thumb original facilitating agile datacenter extension   en

VMware Cloud on AWS: Facilitating Agile Datacenter Extension and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure in the Public Cloud

Public cloud has transitioned from the realm of developers and secondary use cases to now being accepted as a viable alternative for nearly all IT infrastructure needs. As enterprises continue to have a certain level of traditi...

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Thumb original horizon 7 on vmware cloud on aws buyers guide   en

Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS Buyer’s Guide

VMware Horizon 7 for VMware Cloud on AWS delivers a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud for virtual desktops and applications. It combines the enterprise capabilities of the VMware Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), delive...

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Thumb original make hybrid cloud a reality   en

Make Hybrid Cloud a Reality: 3 Organizations Share Their Insights

Migrating to cloud technology allows customers to leverage How do customers maximize their existing IT investments while leveraging the benefits of the public cloud? By adopting a hybrid cloud strategy and leveraging platforms ...

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