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eBook: Workforce Needs Are Evolving

Thrive in the new age of flexible workforces. As worker and employee expectations continue to change, increasing organisational insight and flexibility is more important than ever. Download this eBook from Workday to learn...

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Organisational Agility eBook

Unlock your agility to meet rising HR challenges. How do you compare to your peers in becoming an agile organisation? Our eBook reveals the answers by sharing examples of organisational agility and insights from a global surv...

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Blueprinting an Employee-Centered EX Initiative

How to build successful employee programmes. Employee experience (EX) initiatives, including engagement and retention programmes, are top of mind for many HR leaders these days. A recent Forrester report outlines strategies y...

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The Future of Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting: Global Survey 2022

Compare your transformation progress to industry peers. Planning, budgeting and forecasting have taken centre stage as organisations adjust to a rapidly changing world. This report explains how 444 senior finance professio...

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Digital Finance: Where Business and Next-Generation Technology Intersect

Drive value for your organisation with cloud-based systems. Siloed data and legacy systems make it harder for finance leaders to drive strategic business change. Developed in partnership with Bloomberg Media, this whitepap...

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DELIVER THE EXTRAORDINARY: Elevate your convention, exhibition and conference centre capabilities to spectacular new heights

Are you ready to meet the priorities of event organisers? Recent research has shown that as the world of conferences and exhibitions continues to evolve and expand, event organisers have three key priorities in mind: Crea...

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Build stronger sales relationships faster with Slack

It’s a new era, with new norms for business. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has shrunk budgets across industries as companies navigate an uncertain global economy. These conditions create new challenges that are particularly acu...

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Thumb original 20sla4992 supercharge support agents ebook ep fin2.de de

Supercharge your support agents with Slack

Customer service is no longer just a cost center—it’s a core part of your business offering. Eighty percent of consumers now consider a company’s customer experience (CX) to be as important as the products or services it sells....

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SAP Concur Pro Tip: Making Accounts Payable Profitable

What if there was a way to minimize costly manual processes, improve efficiency, and ensure money isn’t lost on finance charges or missed rebate opportunities? What if there was a way for your accounts payable to go from a cost...

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Thumb original ebook rethink your spend management kpis ent rc

Spend is changing. Are your KPIs keeping up? A Spend Management Scorecard for Finance Leaders

You know as well as anyone how much spending has changed in the last two years. So if you’re still measuring spend programs with the same old ruler, you may not be getting the answers you need. Any moment of change is also a...

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