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Optimising Business Spend for Controls & Compliance. How Does Your Business Measure Up?

Today’s organisations need controls to prevent or mitigate the losses that can result from human errors, duplications and mis-categorisation – in other words, non-compliant business spend. Whether internal guidelines or ext...

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Top Tips for Improving VAT Compliance

Did you know? Some countries – including the Czech Republic, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, and Poland among others – require the buyer’s company VAT ID to be on the invoice to be valid for VAT reclaim. In Denmark and some other...

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Optimise Business Spend with the right solutions for control and compliance

Today’s organisations need controls to prevent or mitigate the losses that can result from non-compliant business spend. The right controls over costs such as invoice, expense and travel can put money back on to your bottom ...

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Concur Request Controlling Business Spend Before It's Spent

Controlling business spend before it happens is something every finance leader dreams of. Maybe you’ve assumed that seeing spend in near real-time is as good as it gets. Or maybe you’ve tried pre-purchase request and app...

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Concur Request: A surprisingly versatile way to boost convenience, spend control, and safety.

Concur Request is about adding proactive control through prespend authorisation. That’s why employees should begin every business trip with Concur Request. It’s how you enforce company policy and gain visibility to expenses be...

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The Business Value of SAP Concur Solutions for Optimizing Travel and Expense Operations

The travel and expense paradigm, as we knew it, is being forced to change as it is beset with global socio-economic uncertainty and dramatic business model changes, including growth in digital-first models and remote working. T...

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Improving the employee experience with video tech provider Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems has a clear ‘people first’ philosophy. What sets the business apart from others, however, is that this isn’t just a buzz statement: Milestone actively strives to operate in the best interests of its staff. A c...

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Partner Insight: Highlights from EAM Trend Report 2021 Asset managers’ priorities for investment, technology and the future

Are you providing your customers with the technology that can help solve their current and future problems? In this report, we share some of the most interesting findings of Ultimo’s EAM Trend Report 2021. The major internat...

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Why CDP, What is a CDP and How to Choose a CDP

A constant amount of data sources and new data privacy rules have reversed the dynamics of customer data. However, customer expectations are at an all-time high for having 1-1 personalised experiences in the moment they need it...

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Using CDP Beyond Marketing to Create a Seamless Customer Journey

Today’s customer journey is fragmented across multiple touch-points including apps, websites, in-store visits, emails, text messages, in-product notifications, social posts and support, making customer-centricity harder than ev...

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