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Balancing Economic Recovery and Employee Safety

This on-demand session features industry experts sharing firsthand experiences about how they’re addressing the need to have robust operational business continuity plans in place to deal with significant events like the COVID-1...

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Balancing Economic Recovery and Employee Safety

Of all the sectors affected by COVID-19, none has faced more severe and complex challenges than financial services. The industry has faced threats on every front: a loss of revenue as companies struggle to retain customers, a n...

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Xilinx and ON Semiconductor webinar series: Industrial imaging application implementation

This webinar explores development of image processing software applications. It reviews the Xil inx PYNQ framework for rapid prototyping. It also examines the Xilinx Vitis development environment and its libraries, which enable...

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7 Steps to Build a More Resilient and Adaptable Enterprise

In today’s business environment, change can happen fast. From new competitors that seem to appear overnight to global circumstances that affect companies worldwide to a surprise increase in sales demand, it can be difficult to ...

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Cost, compliance, and the keys to control: moving business forward in an unpredictable market

Even healthy budgets need someone to watch over them. In fact, that’s the only way to keep them healthy. And when cash flow is slow or otherwise uncertain, spend control is more critical than ever. Your SAP Concur solution g...

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Optimising Business Spend for Controls & Compliance: How Does Your Business Measure Up?

Today’s organisations need controls to prevent or mitigate the losses that can result from human errors, duplications and mis-categorisation – in other words, non-compliant business spend. Whether internal guidelines or exte...

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Optimise business spend with the right solutions for control and compliance

Today’s organisations need controls to prevent or mitigate the losses that can result from non-compliant business spend. The right controls over costs such as invoice, expense and travel can put money back on to your bottom ...

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Spend Management Checklist: Six Questions to Consider

Business spend was evolving even before the pandemic, as more and more employees were spending with less and less oversight. Now, as companies find themselves in a constant state of flux and employees vacillate between working ...

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Three Ways to Future-Proof Your Business

When times are uncertain, improve visibility and spend control to give your organization the certainty it needs. While having control over costs, cash flow, and compliance is important for businesses during typical times, it...

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The Hidden Potential of VAT Reclaim

Levied by more than 160 countries, Value Added Tax (VAT) is one of the most common forms of taxation in the world. VAT is applied at every step of the manufacturing and supply chain – and collected by businesses on behalf of th...

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