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Compare Java upgrade strategies, read executive survey results

This white paper shows the Wikibon financial analysis comparing "upgrade-when-necessary" and "upgrade-every-release" Java strategies for large enterprises. The study concludes an "upgrade-when-necessary strategy" is up to 31% l...

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Compare Java mid-size enterprise upgrade strategies; cost savings

This white paper shows the Wikibon financial analysis comparing "upgrade-when-necessary" and "upgrade-every-release" Java strategies for mid-size enterprises. The study concludes an "upgrade-when-necessary strategy" is up to 29...

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eBook: GraalVM for Dummies

Learn more about GraalVM and how it helps to address the challenges of modern application management. Topics covered include the business need for GraalVM and the basics of GraalVM and GraalVM Enterprise, how GraalVM accelerate...

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Whitepaper: Addressing the Next Generation of Development with Java

Read this white paper from VDC Research to learn how Java can help support ongoing business transformation and how Java has once again emerged as a critical asset for organizations looking to efficiently navigate new business n...

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Thumb original sase   a changing world calls for a different kind of network

SASE: A Changing World Calls for a Different Kind of Network

In today's world of work-from-anywhere, the network is more important than ever. However, legacy networks were not designed to handle the long list of challenges that organizations face. It’s time for the network to evolve to p...

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Thumb original optimizing remote worker connectivity to cloud applications using sd wan gateways

Optimizing Remote Worker Connectivity to Cloud Applications Using SD-WAN Gateways

As remote workers compete for bandwidth with kids attending virtual classrooms and others at home trying to stream videos, optimizing and prioritizing business applications on home networks is even more critical. SD-WAN solutio...

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Thumb original five critical requirements for internal firewalling in the data center   en

Five Critical Requirements for Internal Firewalling

In this paper, you will learn: The differences between protecting north-south network traffic and east-west network traffic. The challenges in using traditional perimeter firewalls to secure east-west network traffic. ...

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Thumb original transform your network with advanced load balancing from vmware   en

Transform Your Network with Advanced Load Balancing from VMware

To evolve with the times and deliver capacity to the business, network ops teams are transforming the tooling of their on-prem, private and cloud environments. However, the full benefit of digital transformation cannot be reali...

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Thumb original the business value of vmware nsx advanced load balancer

The Business Value of VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer

With NSX Advanced Load Balancer, teams don’t have to choose between overprovisioning and potentially having insufficient load-balancing capacity. In fact, IDC's analysis shows that study participants are achieving significant v...

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Thumb original vmware nsx advanced load balancer benchmark report

Benchmark Report on VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer

Moving from appliance-based load balancers to software-defined VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancers could enable your organization to modernize load balancing services with efficient use of standard computing infrastructure and r...

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