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Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity Assessment

For many years, industrial systems relied upon proprietary protocols and software. These legacy solutions lacked automation, required manual administration by people, and had no external connectivity. Today, the operational ...

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Meet Insurance Requirements with PAM Cybersecurity Insurance Checklist

The blistering pace and expanding scope of cyberthreats and ransomware attacks is forcing cyber insurance companies to steeply increase their rates and premiums, and even drop coverage for high-risk organizations. Underwriting ...

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Cloud Service Provider Assessment Questionnaire

Utilize this cloud service provider questionnaire to assess the security posture cloud providers should be maintaining to keep pace with evolving cyberthreats and cloud security best practices. There are many attributes that...

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Buyer’s Guide for Complete Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Today, privileges are built into operating systems, file systems, applications, databases, hypervisors, cloud management platforms, DevOps tools, robotic automation processes, and more. Cybercriminals covet privileges/privilege...

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Streamline stakeholder reviews with cct contentcard 768x440 ue

Streamline your creative review process

Managing creative reviews with internal stakeholders and clients can be a real challenge. The more projects, designers, and reviewers you have in the mix, the harder it gets to scale the process. In this on-demand webinar,...

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How artificial intelligence (AI) will scale up in the cloud

Any AI strategy involves thinking globally about data. The company needs to think about the data sources it can exploit, then implement the means to collect, refine and prepare it so it can power AI algorithms. To develop AI...

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Mitigating Advanced Threats with NDR

Protecting the network is an ongoing challenge for many cybersecurity professionals. With LogRhythm NDR, organizations can gain a better understanding of network-borne attacks to mitigate advanced threats. NDR gives organizatio...

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Behavioral Security

How to Boost Security Awareness with the Help of Behavioral Metrics Trend or necessity? In this white paper, we give you an insight into the interdependence of information security and behavioral science. Further why it is ...

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Cybercrime Trends 2023

The latest threats and security best practices Attackers are always innovating, and technology keeps democratizing cybercrime. More than ever, staying ahead of the evolving threat landscape is key to strengthening resilience...

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Own the moment. Using every spending decision to make your business better.

Every Pound, Euro or Dollar your business spends is an investment – a chance to grow, a chance to advance, a chance to get and stay ahead. But as policies, priorities, and regulatory requirements shift, guiding those spending d...

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