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The 8 Digital Transformation Trends Shaping Business in 2022

Eight digital transformation trends are actively and interdependently shaping business and society, adding complexity to the landscape that enterprise organizations must navigate. To survive and thrive in the pandemic era and b...

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Flat Networks Inevitably Fall Flat When Attacked —Using Secure Segmentation To Protect Your Business

Hybrid IT and the adoption of work-from-anywhere (WFA) strategies have led to the exponential expansion of new network edges. And for many organizations, this has resulted in an expanded and fragmented attack surface that has b...

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Protecting Hyperscale Data Centers From Ransomware and Volumetric DDoS Attacks

Enterprises are adopting hybrid IT, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and 5G to gain operational agility. These tools help them build composable and scalable architectures that interconnect distributed branches, campuses, o...

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Don’t Diverge—Converge Using FortiGate NGFW to Protect Your Business

Digital acceleration is driving the adoption of hybrid IT architectures. These new hybrid environments blend data centers, campuses, branches, home offices, and multi-cloud environments into a dynamic, interconnected networking...

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Seven Major Challenges Impeding Digital Acceleration

In today’s digital marketplace, speed and availability are essential. Organizations turned to digital innovation to remain competitive, trading their legacy systems for hybrid networks and digital processes, including cloud and...

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3 Reasons the Campus Is the Heart of Enterprise Security

Even as digital acceleration continues to transform businesses, the campus remains the heart of the network. Today, the campus network needs to do much more than simply interconnect the buildings located in the same geographica...

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AI and Machine Learning on AWS Confessions of a Data Scientist

If the 21st century has taught us anything, it’s that data is our most valuable resource. Using insight-driven innovation, data is helping solve huge challenges across every industry. As this world of data has developed, dat...

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10 Benefits of Concur Invoice

From enabling remote working, spotting duplicate invoices, and reducing late payments - there are a number of benefits to be realised by taking control of your supplier invoices. Automation is just the start – read 10 reason...

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4 Ways to Boost AP Productivity in a Flexible Work World

Download the eBook, 4 Ways to Boost Productivity in a Flexible Work World to learn four ways SAP Concur solutions can help you make it happen, including: • Automated invoice processing, expense reports, and more • Re-exa...

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Is Your Current AP Process Truly Automated? Here’s How SAP Concur Solutions Can Help

For many UK businesses, efficient invoice management is becoming harder. Employees are increasingly mobile or working remotely, the number of suppliers and invoices keeps increasing, and there is added pressure to reduce operat...

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