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Growing out of the pandemic: Robust processes can help UK businesses ride the tailwinds of coming growth

The covid-19 pandemic plunged the UK into a deep recession, with national economic output falling by 10% in 2020, according to the IMF. Growth is now returning, aided by a rapid vaccination programme. The IMF projects the UK ec...

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Data Deep Dive - Unearth the Power of Your Data

As businesses continue to navigate challenging market forces, along with the new hybrid way of working, overspend is no longer an option if you are striving for growth. The days where a little budget creep happens here or there...

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Thumb original whitepaper robots are here ent rc

The Robots Are Here: How AI and ML Automation Solutions Can Solve Business Problems

In 2018 we published a paper called The Robots are Coming. Over just a few years, they’ve not only arrived, but the ubiquity of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is shaping our attitudes and expectations ab...

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Thumb original ebook 7 steps to build a more resillient and adaptable enterprise

7 Steps to Build a More Resilient and Adaptable Enterprise

In today’s business environment, change can happen fast. From new competitors that seem to appear overnight to global circumstances that affect companies worldwide to a surprise increase in sales demand, it can be difficult to ...

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Thumb original ebook how do recruits view you

How do recruits view you? - Hiring the best candidates by giving them the best hiring experience

When the global outlook is uncertain, you need to be positive you have the right people in the right roles. It is more important than ever to attract the best possible talent. Your recruits’ first experience with you, in other ...

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Thumb original ebook the employee experience and its impact on business

Make Things Easier for Employees, and Things Get Better for You

What’s good for employees is good for the organisation. Automating travel, expense, and invoice processes boosts engagement, productivity, and savings. It’s a simple formula, yet it improves the working experience for every ...

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Thumb original 700435 vmwarecloudfoundation intel application modernization

Application Modernization Today: 6 Reasons To Choose A Consistent Infrastructure Platform

From new cloud-native apps to modernized versions of legacy apps, application modernization almost always involves a mix of container-based workloads alongside traditional VM-based workloads. This guide explores 6 reasons to...

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Thumb original hybrid cloud executive buyer s guide   en  1

Hybrid Cloud Executive Buyer’s Guide

Adopting a hybrid cloud strategy is a powerful way to modernize your IT environment and achieve your organization’s digital business goals. The process to pick the best hybrid cloud solution for your organization should begi...

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Thumb original why you need a single hybrid cloud platform   en

Why You Need a Single Hybrid Cloud Platform for Containers and VMs: 5 Considerations for IT Leaders

75% of organizations plan to containerize existing apps as part of their modernization efforts—but the path to this future state is far from smooth, as I&O executives face difficult and time-consuming technical, operations ...

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Thumb original addressing top 5 challenges of deploying a comprehensive dr solution   en

Disaster Recovery as a Service with VMware Cloud on AWS

Data and Applications are Critical for Modern Organizations to Achieve Their Goals. Because these are critical assets, organizations commit significant resources to make data and applications highly available, including prep...

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