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Almost all cyber attacks target the human factor

A recent Proofpoint study once again highlights the importance of the "human factor" for IT security: 99 percent of all cyberattacks directly target the user. In comparison, infrastructures are attacked much less frequently. Infected e-mails remain the most popular means of attack....more on

4 Approaches to Solve Today's Obsolescence Challenges in Aerospace and Defense

Test engineers spend as much as 50 percent of their time (or even more in some cases) actively dealing with obsolescence in their test program sets. Read about different solutions in the marketplace to help you overcome the challenges you face today while reducing the risk of a complete technology refresh. ...more

Hybrid cloud: The best of all worlds

In a world of complex security, workload and data hosting needs, enterprise leaders may find that a “one-cloud-fits-all” strategy does not effectively address the needs of their organization. Instead, a more tailored approach is needed to truly transform their digital landscape and provide them with the ability to deploy applications and data in a secure, integrated, flexible and simple-to-manage way. ...more

Using HPE SimpliVity Hyperconverged Infrastructure to Improve Data Protection and Recovery Effectiveness

This white paper examines how IT organizations can leverage HPE SimpliVity to improve and simplify their data protection and resiliency capabilities. Proof points have been provided from results of an independent survey of HPE SimpliVity customers conducted by IDC. HPE offers the HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged system, a turnkey hyperconverged infrastructure platform that consists of HPE SimpliVity built on the HPE ProLiant DL380 or HPE Apollo compute platforms. All benefits of the Data Using HPE SimpliVity Hyperconverged Infrastructure to Improv ...more

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Implementation Strategies

In this Guide You'll Learn: The key capabilities that make hyperconverged infrastructure today’s go-to architecture for the data center How you can leverage the key use cases that are driving hyperconvergence Ways this hot data center architecture can stretch your technology budget The transformational opportunities that can be imposed on disaster recovery How to overcome key perceived roadblocks on your way to hyperconvergence ...more

Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Dummies

The hyperconvergence story has many chapters. In this book, I discuss the trends that are leading modern IT to hyperconverged infrastructure. I also discuss both the technical and business benefits that come from implementing a data center based on hyperconverged infrastructure. ...more

How to Balance On Premises and Public Cloud for Long Term Retention

As organizations implement digital business strategies, data is multiplying at a rapid rate. That’s putting pressure on enterprise data storage and forcing IT leaders to face an acute challenge with regard to long-term data retention across on-premises infrastructure and public cloud services. Certain data sets must be retained for years while remaining promptly accessible when needed. It’s a tall order that calls for new approaches to storage, retention, and access. In the past, long-term retention has been fraught with compromise. It wa ...more

New Storage Strategies for Long-Term Data Retention

As data volumes dramatically increase, enterprises are in danger of being overrun by unstructured data. But the issue isn’t having the capacity to store all that data, but rather the need to manage it properly and cost effectively for business value—especially in long-term retention use cases. ...more

Top Three Ways Veritas Access enables the Multi-Cloud

According to “State of the Hybrid Cloud” research, 74% of enterprises are currently leveraging two or more cloud infrastructure vendors to support their workload requirements—and 23% are using four or more. This means that the burden of protecting, managing and utilizing data across these heterogeneous environments remains largely on IT departments. ...more

Top Seven Considerations for Software-Defined Storage

Nowhere is the need to modernize more important than in storage. Data is fast becoming the defining weapon of competitive differentiation—with a particular emphasis on unstructured data. To keep up, IT must eliminate storage silos and deploy agile solutions that support the performance needs of a wide variety of workloads. For many IT teams, software-defined storage (SDS) has become the go-to storage technology. SDS enables organizations to provision and manage storage independently of the underlying hardware, usually by virtualizing the sto ...more
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