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Financial Statements - Architecture & Engineering Industry Study

Accounting & Finance Trends In The A&E Industry: A Clarity Mini-Report: - Gain exclusive insight to guide critical financial planning and management decisions. - The A&E industry is well positioned to navigate financial hurdles, and now more than ever, it’s important to review key strategic initiatives when it comes to your firm’s management. Maintain solid numbers despite challenging climates with this Mini-Report, from Deltek’s 41st Annual Clarity Report. ...more

Technology Trends - Architecture & Engineering Industry Study

Technology Trends In The A&E Industry A Clarity Mini-Report: - Gain critical insight to guide strategic IT investments for your firm - A&E firms are focusing heavily on IT solutions in areas that will have the greatest ROI – namely, their core operations. This year’s Deltek’s 41st Annual Clarity Report survey shows how firms are applying technology trends to improve their project execution and management strategies. ...more

Business Development - Architecture & Engineering Industry Study

Business Development Trends In The A&E Industry: A Clarity Mini-Report: -Now more than ever, firms need to maintain their competitive edge while keeping client satisfaction high. In this mini-report from Deltek’s 41st Annual Clarity Report, we review key themes respondents said are critical to maintaining robust pipelines and a competitive edge. ...more

Project Management - Architecture & Engineering Industry Study

Project Management Trends In The A&E Industry: A Clarity Mini-Report: - Gain insight to guide project management best practices for your firm - Successful project management is the key to profitability for any Architecture & Engineering firm. In this summary spotlight on Project Management implications from the 41st Annual Deltek Clarity Study, respondents outline ways they’re tackling challenges related to project management, while balancing ever-changing technologies and limited visibility into project-specific KPIs. ...more

Human Capital Management - Architecture & Engineering Industry Study

Human Capital Management Trends In The A&E Industry: A Clarity Mini-Report: - Gain insight to guide human capital management decisions in your firm - With the labor market becoming increasingly tight, it's a critical time to implement strategies around finding and retaining top talent. In this Deltek 41st Annual Clarity Mini-Report, you will see how respondents are leveraging technology to build strong candidate pipelines, while evaluating whether or not they’re offering employees a truly competitive package. ...more

Continuous API Management - Making the right Decision in an Evolving Landscape

Free Chapters! 1. The Challenge of API Management 2. API Governance 3. The API as a Product This excerpt from "Continuous API Management" is a practical guide that provides maturity models for individual APIs and multi‑API landscapes to help you invest the right human and company resources for the right maturity level at the right time. This excerpt contains Chapters 1–3 of the book Continuous API Management. The complete book is available on and through other retailers. ...more

NGINX Cookbook - Advanced Recipes for High Performance Load Balancing

Learn how to configure caching, load balancing, security, cloud deployments, gRPC, HTTP/2 server push, and other critical NGINX features in this free O’Reilly E-Book. In this ebook you will learn: - How to configure content caching, load balancing, monitoring, high availability (HA), the Random with Two Choices load‑balancing algorithm for clustered environments, and other critical NGINX features - How to protect your applications: mitigate DDoS attacks, stop Layer 7 attacks, and configure single sign‑on with OpenID - How to deploy ...more

Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes - Building, Deploying, and Scaling Modern Applications in the Cloud

5 free Chapters! 1. First Steps with Kubernetes 2. Getting Kubernetes 3. Working with Kubernetes Objects 4. Running Containers 5. Managing Pods This excerpt contains Chapters 2, 3, 4, 8, and 9 of the book Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes. The complete book is available at and through other retailers. ...more

Cloud for Business

Find out about - WHY ADOPTION STILL MISSES THE MARK - The impact of cloud computing can be transformational, but finding the strategy that works for your business is not always clear cut - DATA QUALITY REMAINS A BIG OBSTACLE - Data analytics is becoming increasingly scalable, sophisticated and accessible aided by cloud infrastructure, but challenges remain in data quality and building the right culture - FUTURE POSSIBILITIES OF OPEN SOURCING - The collaborative nature of open source technology is enabling innovation at an astonishing r ...more

5 Principles for Optimizing App Performance in the Cloud

Speed and agility continue to be among the leading motives for enterprise cloud adoption, since slow has become unacceptable in this fast-paced world we live in. But as a DevOps practitioner tasked with accelerating app deployments while improving app performance and ensuring security, what does it take to modernize your systems and processes to overcome slow in the cloud? We have a few suggestions. ...more