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4 Trends in Travel and Expense Management

No one knows exactly what’s next, but there’s a way to be ready for whatever the future holds. As costs rise, budgets shrink, and the business climate keeps changing, it becomes more and more important to make every spending moment count. And while you may not know all the challenges you’ll face in the year ahead, you do know there’s no room for risky, wasteful spending or inefficient processes. So what should you be focused on as you look at the months to come? Leaders and innovators like you are looking for savings, efficiency, producti ...more
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Five Trends for CFOs to Watch

Chief financial officers (CFOs) and finance leaders are tasked with ensuring that accounting basics are handled smoothly. But simply having the bare minimum in financial infrastructure isn’t enough for an organization, or a CFO’s career, to thrive, especially during challenging times. ...more
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Tosca’s guide: Making a successful switch to foldable, liquid IBCs

We understand that making a change to your supply chain can be challenging, especially given the complexities around transporting bulk liquids. In this guide, we’ll outline the key technical requirements and the considerations necessary for selecting the right partner to help you determine the best solution for an efficient and sustainable supply chain. ...more
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5 Tips for Demonstrating the Value of Travel Management

Now, more than ever, executives want to know your program is keeping up with changing regulations, challenging restrictions, and the overall volatility of the industry. They want a clear assessment of your program’s performance. And they want to see what kind of return they’re getting from every dollar, yen, and euro spent on travel. Simply put, the C-suite wants proof of how your program measures up. Measuring the ROI of a travel program isn’t easy – there are dozens of variables that can’t be controlled. So it really comes down to ident ...more
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Seven Key Habits of Successful Finance Leaders

Finance leaders have a unique role to play in helping their organizations navigate a fluid business environment. Thanks to their exposure to the inner workings of every facet of the business, they are positioned to harness insights and make connections that no other single role can match. But not all finance leaders are created equal. To survive and thrive in today’s economy, a successful finance leader must develop professionally in order to stay on top of the needs of their organization, prepare for the future, and help their own team impr ...more