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Controlled, comfortable indoor climate with ebm-papst.

Energy-efficient fans for residential ventilation. A quiet atmosphere and good air quality are crucial to the well-being, health and productivity of all of us – not only in our homes, but also at work, at school, in supermarkets and when visiting the doctor. Regular ventilation to ensure that there is a sufficient exchange of fresh air is not even possible in many of the cases mentioned and often cannot be satisfactorily regulated even in residential buildings. In modern buildings with increasingly impermeable building envelopes, manual vent ...more
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A Guide to Endpoint Privilege Management

BeyondTrust is the worldwide leader in Privileged Access. In this whitepaper you will learn what endpoint privilege management is and how an effective approach significantly enhances an organization’s security against rising cybercrime. We cover the origins of the least privilege concept, the benefits of application control, the current cyber threat landscape and how endpoint privilege management works to combat this seamlessly and with minimal disruption to user productivity. We will also take a closer look at deployment offerings, includi ...more
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2023 Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report

This 10-year anniversary edition of the Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report dissects the 2022 Microsoft vulnerabilities data and highlights some of the key shifts since the inaugural report. This report will spotlight some of the most significant CVEs of 2022 (9.0+ CVSS severity scores), break down how they are leveraged by attackers, and explain how they can be prevented or mitigated. ...more
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Operational Technology (OT) Cybersecurity Assessment

To better address the risks ushered in by cloud adoption, digital transformation, remote working, and the increasing interconnectedness of everything, enterprises and government agencies are embracing zero trust principles. Yet, almost 80% of critical infrastructure organizations haven’t adopted zero trust strategies. Enabling secure remote access and upholding zero trust principles to your OT systems is critical to maintaining the productivity and business continuity of your organization. ...more
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The Privileged Access Challenge

Local administrator rights are often temporarily granted to users to complete day-to-day work tasks, or to install approved software. But when left unrestricted and undefined, these privileges can quickly conflict with critical software compliance policies, while creating a bloated attack surface. Like many distributed organizations, the support team at Zensar was experiencing this challenge firsthand. Without the ability to define privilege scope, the team was forced to work with limited control over how administrative rights were distribut ...more