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Infographic: Hotel Giant Gets Global HR Makeover

What if your company ran on 10 outdated HR systems loaded with time-consuming manual tasks and fragmented processes? ...more

Kompetenzentwicklung in der Personalanalyse

Ob es darum geht, Ihre Talentstrategie mit einschlägigen Daten zu untermauern oder erfolgreichere Teams aufzubauen – mithilfe datengestützter Einblicke in die Belegschaft können Sie Ihr Unternehmen auf Erfolgskurs bringen. In diesem E-Book von Human Capital Institute erfahren Sie, wie Ihr gesamtes Unternehmen von Personalanalysen profitiert. Jetzt lesen. ...more

De sleutel tot uitstekend Professional Services Management

De bedrijven in professionele services die het beste gepositioneerd staan om uitdagingen het hoofd te bieden hebben één ding gemeen: PSA (Professional Services Automation). Bekijk hoe u PSA kunt gebruiken om resources te managen en werknemers te inspireren. Lees het rapport van de Aberdeen Group. ...more

So gelingt erstklassiges Projektmanagement im Dienstleistungssektor

Das Erfolgsrezept, mit dem Dienstleistungsunternehmen die Herausforderungen der Branche meistern, lautet: Professional Services Automation (PSA). Erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit PSA Ihre Ressourcen besser managen und Mitarbeiter motivieren können. Lesen Sie die Aberdeen Group-Studie. ...more

Tenté par une gestion de services professionnels exceptionnelle ?

Les entreprises de services les mieux préparées aux défis de leur secteur ont une chose en commun : elles font confiance à Workday Professional Services Automation (PSA) pour automatiser leur activité. Découvrez comment Workday PSA vous aide à mieux gérer vos ressources et à motiver vos collaborateurs. Lisez le rapport du groupe Aberdeen. ...more

La risposta per un'eccellente gestione dei servizi professionali

Le società di servizi professionali pronte ad affrontare le sfide del settore hanno una caratteristica in comune: l'automazione dei servizi professionali (PSA). Scopri come utilizzare la PSA per migliorare la gestione delle risorse e motivare i dipendenti. Leggi il report del gruppo Aberdeen. ...more

La clave para una excelente gestión de los servicios profesionales

Las empresas de servicios profesionales mejor preparadas para los retos del sector tienen una cosa en común: la automatización de servicios profesionales (PSA). Descubra cómo puede usar la PSA para gestionar mejor sus recursos e inspirar a los empleados. Lea el informe de Aberdeen Group. ...more

An inside look at a Workday deployment for HR

As an integration service provider, Deloitte & Touche (Ireland) is able to offer a unique perspective on its own cloud HCM deployment. Read the case study to learn why it chose Workday, how the deployment went, and what it has achieved since go-live. ...more

The Gold Guide Welcome to the Human Revolution

A human revolution is happening in the workforce. It is a revolution that makes the powerful voice of your employees heard. It is a revolution that requires you to make sure that your entire workforce is motivated, skilled, and equipped to make their biggest impact. The old ways of working don’t allow companies to compete in today’s world. The heart of this human revolution beats to the speed of today’s business. And that speed is radically changing the workforce. ...more

Millennials are dissatisfied with the world of work

A current study by Peakon examines for the first time all five generations currently active in the world of work. The aim was to show differences in mentality between the different age groups in order to facilitate better cooperation. It turns out that millenials struggle strongly with the meaningfulness of their work. Nor do they identify with corporate goals. Employers should therefore take the first steps towards the younger generation.  ...more on
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