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Kubernetes Patterns Reusable Elements for Designing Cloud-Native Applications

With the evolution of microservices and containers in recent years, the way we design, develop, and run software has changed significantly. Today’s applications are optimized for scalability, elasticity, failure, and speed of c...

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Map Your Technical Future with an Operating Model for Multi-Cloud and Data Center Modernization

Business and commercial decisions drive the consumption of different clouds. Although many enterprises have announced a cloud-first approach and set application migration targets, not all communicate the “why” in business terms...

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Thumb original securing the database in just four en

Securing the Data Center in Just Four Steps

You will learn: A straightforward way to get started with an internal firewall. How protecting east-west traffic via an internal firewall secures critical applications from the lateral movement of attackers. How deploy...

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Thumb original the business value of vmware nsx advanced

The Business Value of VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer

With NSX Advanced Load Balancer, teams don’t have to choose between overprovisioning and potentially having insufficient load-balancing capacity. In fact, IDC's analysis shows that study participants are achieving significant v...

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Thumb original secure workload access on your journey to zero trust

Forrester A Practical Guide To A Zero Trust Implementation

Since Forrester first introduced the model over a decade ago, Zero Trust has gained popularity and become the preferred security model for many enterprise and government organizations. The Zero Trust model shifts the focus of s...

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Thumb original vmware nsx advanced load balancer benchmark report

VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer Benchmark Report

Moving from appliance-based load balancers to software-defined VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancers could enable your organization to modernize load balancing services with efficient use of standard computing infrastructure and r...

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Thumb original idc whitepaper updated2 en

Achieving Network Modernization for the Decade Ahead

This paper examines how VMware and Intel have worked together to deliver network virtualization capabilities that leverage software and hardware innovation to provide a wide range of business and operational benefits to enterpr...

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Thumb original the economics of virtual networking en

The Economics of Virtual Networking

Virtualizing the network is an essential step in moving from a hardwired, hardware-centric IT infrastructure to software-defined data centers. Download this guide to understand the dollars and cents reasons that make virtual...

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Thumb original five critical requirements en

5 Critical Requirements for Internal Firewalling in the Data Center

Preventing hackers from hiding inside large volumes of east-west network traffic has now become critical to security professionals. Organizations need new tools and techniques to fight back. In this paper, you will learn: ...

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Gartner SASE Roadmap

In the "2021 Gartner Strategic Roadmap for SASE Convergence" report, Gartner analysts examine why Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is becoming the new security standard for data and people, and pinpoint considerations – both n...

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