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Retailers' Guide to Navigating Through Continuous Disruption in 2021

How to Thrive in an Ever-Changing Retail Environment. Acxiom and Treasure Data invite you to a discussion with our retail experts. Michele Fitzpatrick, Retail Customer Experience Consultant at Acxiom, and David McCarty, CPG ...

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Customer Data Platforms: 5 Things That Make a CDP Great

CDPs are popular for everything from omnichannel personalization to predictive analytics and new customer acquisition. But a great CDP has these 5 features.

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Treasure Talks: The Value of Customer Data Platforms

Consumers are generating massive amounts of digital data which result in complex customer journeys. In this video Kaz Ohta, CTO of Treasure Data explains how this trend is changing the way marketers build online and offline exp...

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Thumb original advertiser perceptions preparing for future without third party cookies idfa

Preparing for a Future Without Third-Party Cookies & IDFA: What advertisers are doing to navigate the uncertain digital advertising future with success

How customer data is accelerating success for CDP-using OEMs and auto dealers. Advertisers are no strangers to the pressure of privacy regulation and the significant updates major partners are making in the name of privacy. ...

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Thumb original advertiser perceptions state of cdps treasure data

The State of CDPs: Data Unification, Activation & Compliance

In the last two years, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are increasingly a hot topic in enterprise C-suites and in the top leadership ranks of corporate marketing departments. Enterprise leaders are intently eying CDPs as critica...

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Thumb original rtp loyalty redefined ebook


Today’s consumers have evolved the shopping experience far beyond products and transactions. Now more than ever, their loyalty to retailers is up for grabs. Marketers seeking to break through the noise in today’s retail environ...

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AB InBev Brings People & Data Together to Make Great Marketing Happen

When global beverage giant AB InBev first started its digital transformation, the company’s goals were threefold: manage and administer its worldwide data assets securely and in compliance with all applicable laws, break down s...

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Thumb original arm treasure data for cpg brands

Treasure Data for CPG Brands: Reimagine CPG for higher growth, increased brand loyalty, and greater marketing ROI.

Brand marketing is everything for the CPG industry. Transforming products into trusted household names used to be the goal. But that’s no longer enough to win consumer engagement. Simply put, it doesn’t matter if consumers know...

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Thumb original cpg compendium guide to accelerating dx

The CPG Guide to Accelerating Digital Transformation: How CPGs are finally getting the consumer data they need for DTC marketing

If you’re in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) business, you might have seen the timeline for your five-year digital transformation plan become a five-month plan. Repeated COVID-related disruptions in consumer buying patterns, ...

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Thumb original muji case study

Muji grows in-store revenue with digital savvy

Muji, a global retailer known for sustainable products and packaging, planned to grow beyond its 650+ store locations. When they discovered that website visitors most often browsed for products to later buy in a physical store,...

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