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Cloud Security Services

The security landscape has changed drastically in recent years. Today, companies work across distributed cloud environments, while end-users need anytime, anywhere access to data. Instead of securing the perimeter to keep th...

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6 myths of SIEM - Early visibility and rapid response to threats in your environment

To say that security is a hot topic right now is an understatement. The threat landscape has changed drastically in recent years, meaning that every company needs to rethink or review its approach. In the new world of securi...

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Managed SIEM - Early visibility and rapid response to threats in your environment

Organisations are facing more security challenges today than at any time in the past, traditional defences are not working, new technologies introduce new risks, and conventional security practices are unsustainable. This - all...

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Advanced Threat Prevention with VMware NSX Distributed Firewall

Security professionals understand that hackers hide lateral movement inside large volumes of east-west network traffic. Organizations need new tools and techniques to detect and prevent such activity. In this paper, you will...

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Ransomware vs. Multi-Cloud: How to Protect Multi-Cloud Environments From the Next Attack

Though the scale and economics of the cloud are a boon for today’s enterprise, moving applications and data out of the data center into multi-cloud environments has greatly expanded threat surfaces, putting enterprises at great...

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Thumb original 1250813 23q1 exposing malware in linux based multi cloud environments

THREAT REPORT: Exposing Malware in Linux-Based Multi-Cloud Environments

90% of cloud runs on Linux. So, is it any wonder that malware is propagating in multi-cloud environments under the radar? Current countermeasures are focused on addressing Windows-based threats, leaving multi-cloud deployments ...

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Internal Firewalls for Dummies Guide

Organizations can no longer rely on edge firewalls alone to provide network security. Once attackers get past an edge firewall, they can move laterally to high-value assets. This book illustrates how internal firewalls can help...

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Optimising for Success: Your Infrastructure Modernisation Journey

For most organisations, managing IT infrastructure is not core to their overall business model, it is simply a necessity – but if it goes wrong it can cause major operational, financial, and often reputational damage. The po...

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Application modernisation – when, why and how

Call it modernisation, transformation or migration – the success of these cloud infrastructure projects has a remarkable impact on the future of your company. Legacy applications are an integral part of a transformation proj...

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