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The Business Continuity Roadmap for Transportation & Logistics Companies - Today. Tomorrow. The Future.

As governments lift restrictions and businesses return to a “new normal” Transportation and Logistics organizations have a unique opportunity to understand the changes brought forth by COVID-19 and plan for what comes next. Over the last few years, T&L revenues have been increasing but overall profitability hasn’t been so lucky. As the pandemic spread worldwide, it led to lockdowns and border closures and restricted the movement of goods while negatively impacting business for certain segments of the industry, namely smaller, non-diversified ...more

Powering the future of global transportation

The rebirth of the electric vehicle occurred around 2009. Over the last decade, the growth of electric mobility has continued to increase on a global scale. Governments around the globe are implementing policies to put more electric vehicles on the road by 2030. Public acceptance and use of electric vehicles are on the rise. All these factors point to a promising and exciting future for electric vehicles. ...more

Logistics becomes a startup hype

More and more start-ups are dedicating themselves to the topic of logistics. The aim is to make the logistics sector even more efficient through digital solutions. No matter whether software, API or platform – the young companies are currently increasingly receiving large investment sums. This is intended to stimulate growth in the industry. ...more on

We're All Part of the Automotive Evolution

With safety at the forefront, the automotive industry continues to embrace new technologies to deliver greater autonomy and efficiency. ADAS (Advanced Drive Assist Systems) and its evolution into full autonomy could see the end of road-based fatalities, injuries and incidents. Technology is now providing the solutions that can help the automotive industry achieve Vision Zero within just a few years. This is happening in part thanks to the advancement of image sensors that see the world as we do, and technologies such as radar and LiDAR (Ligh ...more

Brand management of logistics service providers

In order to successfully manage a brand you need a certain amount of prudence and discipline. Continuity is also important for brand management, so that customers can quickly recognize the company and identify with it. The brand agency "Get the Point" (short: GtP) annually surveys companies from industry and trade in Germany on how they assess the logistics sector in terms of brand management. The current 2018 study addressed 400 logistics companies with annual sales of 50 million euros or more. Depending on the size of the logistics compani ...more

Mobility Study 2018 – Autonomous driving remains critical

According to the 2018 Mobility Study commissioned by Continental, German motorists have a divided relationship to autonomous driving. Although about two-thirds of those surveyed would be able to be chauffeured electronically in particularly stressful situations, such as long construction sites or unclear junctions, the number of doubters has increased. In the last five years, the number of critics has risen from 48 to 57 percent. The accidents that occurred during test drives, especially in the USA, probably play a major role in this. As a resu ...more

An Engineer’s Guide to Understanding Connector for Use in Harsh Industrial Environments

Connectors are often seen as the weakest link between sub-systems, and sometimes this is rightly so. This can be as a result of underspecifying the connector system or not appreciating the difference between the various rating schemes. Connectors have to operate reliably in a wide range of environments and increasingly have to carry both power and signals without reducing the overall performance of the system. Humidity and electromagnetic interference (EMI) are among the biggest factors, with moisture and dust ingress being the primary conc ...more

Supercapacitors as a Long-Life Solution in Battery Powered Applications

Supercapacitors have long been used for supplying a peak power demand in many consumer electronics devices such as a flash function on a smartphone to deliver large amounts of current quickly and reliably. This whitepaper looks at the basics of supercapacitors, and those that are available for a range of higher-power industrial examples such as powering the startup-surge demand of electric vehicles. ...more

EMC Challenges in Connected Cars

New vehicles contain a dazzling array of electronics. Trends such as the ‘connected car’, driver assistance systems and the move towards semi or fully autonomous vehicles are creating a huge demand on the electronics industry. However, with so many electronics systems within close proximity to each other, the potential for EMI problems is dramatically increased. In this article we explore some of the EMI/EMC challenges present in modern vehicles and how new automotive innovations will need robust and resilient protection methods. ...more

Electric cars are the future – especially with the right battery 

The shift towards electric mobility can no longer be halted. However, there are still a number of unanswered questions as far as technology is concerned: the focus is on the battery. Scientifically speaking, it should be called a rechargeable battery, because a regular battery cannot be recharged. In general usage, however, the term battery has established itself. With their range and service life, the acceptance of electric cars stands or falls. In addition, a sufficient number of charging stations is important; at the beginning of 2019 there ...more
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