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Thumb original plume opensync for the connected home

OpenSync: A Brand-Agnostic Delivery Framework for the Modern Connected Home

Connectivity is essential to the modern home. But consumers want more than reliable WiFi. They expect not only high-quality network performance but also personalised, rich services. And they want these services delivered quickl...

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Thumb original plume adaptive wifi whitepaper

The Plume advantage: putting the Adapt in adaptive WiFi

WiFi is the predominant way we connect to the internet and access our mobile and digital lives. Residential customer experience is directly proportional to the speed and reliability of the WiFi connection, and the mobility of d...

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Thumb original plume mctv casestudy

Plume’s intuitive solution provides a game-changing experience for MCTV customers

As a company that prides itself on its high-touch customer service, MCTV was concerned about the volume of customer concerns related to poor WiFi signal and equipment issues. MCTV was determined to create a better user experien...

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Thumb original horowitz plume smart home report 2019 en gb

The Smart Home Report 2019: How Optimisation, Security, and Personalisation are Shaping Smart Home 2.0

First came the connected home. Next came Smart Home 1.0, as consumers began came Smart Home 1.0, as consumers began to adopt, use, and become accustomed to connected smart devices. We are now on the verge of Smart Home 2.0,...

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Thumb original csps can secure their profitability in 2021

CSPs can secure their profitability in 2021 by utilising the power of Wi-Fi 6 for smart homes

Smart homes are evolving. So should you. With the explosion of devices, data demands, and security risks, today's smart homes need Adapt.TM Part of our HomePassTM suite of services, Adapt is a cloud-coordinated system that o...

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Thumb original t systems wp cloud forschung lehre en 20210616

Mastering the digital challenge

Digital learning platforms, complex data analyses: The demands on IT in both education and research and development are constantly growing. Today, highly available IT resources are decisive for the success of teaching and scien...

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Screenshot 2021 07 06 at 10.41.26

Integrating industrial Imaging applications with Cloud Solutions

The edge is where most image processing occurs. However, industrial image processing systems need to provide information and data back to the MRP/ERP system. This session discusses how to integrate the edge MPSoC solution with ...

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Thumb original nxp uwb whitepaper


Thanks to its unique precision, robustness, and reliability, Ultra-Wideband (UWB) has reemerged as a secure, fine-ranging technology capable of enabling a wide range of innovative location-based user experiences and services th...

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Io 2021 3008 podcast image

The smarter world podcast

Listen to this podcast to learn about economics or 54 network densification.

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Grid® Report for Invoice Management | Spring 2021

The users have spoken (more than 5,000 of them!) and they have ranked SAP Concur as the leading invoice management solution. Download the G2 Grid Report for Invoice Management (Spring 2021) and see how SAP Concur solutions s...

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