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Six Steps to Comprehensive Container Security in AWS

Containers accelerate the developer experience and tackle the classic problem, “It runs fine on my system”. When a team starts to build in containers, they can be confident their application will run smoothly in any environment...

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Invoice, Expense and Travel The Digital Age

Digital transformation is nothing new. Remote working, cloud-based SaaS applications, and BYOD ‘bring your own devices’ are all standard practices in modern business. Those who embraced these new technologies early have enjoyed...

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Thumb original building in the cloud with confidence

Build in the Cloud with Confidence

While AWS provides secure cloud infrastructure, through the Shared Responsibility Model, you are responsible for securing the workloads, applications, and data that you run on AWS—that’s where Trend Micro can help. Our serv...

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Banking on Cloud Governance

Cloud technology has transformed the financial services industry (FSI). From improved customer engagement solutions, enhanced risk modeling, and agile infrastructure, cloud services have enabled FSI organizations to differentia...

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Thumb original automated security at the speed of deovops ebook

Automated Security at the Speed of DevOps

Software development has evolved from rigid waterfall methodologies to more streamlined approaches, like Agile and more recently DevOps. This evolution has taken place in large part to shorten development life cycles and meet i...

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Linux One For Dummies - Second Edition

As more companies transform their infrastructures with hybrid cloud services, they require environments that protect the safety of their intellectual property, such as data and business rules. LinuxONE is a hardware system d...

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The Total Economic Impact of IBM Power Systems for SAP HANA

Discovering and exploiting real-time insights from SAP HANA® places massive scalability, availability, and performance demands on an organization’s infrastructure. Just as important, that infrastructure must meet those demands ...

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Can You Benefit From Running Your SAP HANA Platform on IBM Power Systems?

While going with the public cloud or an industry-standard Intel-based server may be the most obvious approaches at first glance, you could be missing out on a scalable and reliable SAP HANA platform that may cost less than you ...

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Rack Level High Density Liquid Cooling

Increased heat densities of IT Equipment (ITE) in high performance data centers continues to drive the need for more efficient and effective cooling technologies. Traditional air cooling is not a sustainable solution in these s...

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Java SE in the Enterprise: An Analyst's View on Innovation and Open Source

This session, featuring Manish Gupta, VP of Global Marketing for Java and GraalVM at Oracle, and Arnal Dayaratna, Research Director, Software Development at IDC examines the use of Java SE in the enterprise, its recent innovati...

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