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How to stay connected with external partners in the world of remote work

Anyone who works with external partners will stress the importance of face time. From creative agencies hunkering down at a company’s headquarters for a week of brainstorming to salespeople stopping by their customers’ offices,...

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IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps - An IT automation platform, powered by AI, fueled by your own data

Apply AI to IT operations to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. CIO offices demand quick results from technology investments and seamless integration. IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps provides out-of-the-box AI model...

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Modernize applications - Simplify and extend apps with an open, hybrid cloud

Boost digital transformation Application modernization is part of the broader effort to prepare as the organization responds to changing business needs. It's a critically important topic because today we have to move fas...

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Thumb original whitepaper 3 ways to future proof your business uk ent rc

Three Ways to Future-Proof Your Business

While having control over costs, cash flow, and compliance is important for businesses during typical times, it’s even more critical when trying to maintain business continuity during challenging periods. But is the idea of “ty...

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Helping You to Increase Funds and Boost Cashflow in Uncertain Times

There is very little that’s certain in the world right now, but one thing is clear – businesses need to keep a closer eye than ever on cashflow. One way to maximise your organisation’s funds is by reclaiming VAT but, with ever ...

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Global executives look to digital transformation to support recovery

Senior executives worldwide face a starkly different economic climate entering Q4 of 2020 than they and their teams originally anticipated. The personal toll of the COVID-19 pandemic has been tragic, and its economic impact far...

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ReStart Smart - How uncertainty and change can provide hidden opportunities

None of us will forget 2020. It’s been a year of uncertainty and difficult change. But change always brings new opportunities, and business spend management is no exception. Now is the time to restart and reinvent, to be better...

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Foresight 2021 - There’s never been a more critical time to see Foresight 2021. business spend

It’s always a good time to keep an eye on your budgets and cash flow, but with the worldwide changes businesses have worked through in the last year, spend visibility has gone from consequential to crucial. Ask yourself, for ex...

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Thumb original vmware intel cio roadmap hybrid multicloud updated

CIO Roadmap to Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

From SaaS to PaaS, on-prem to public, containers and Kubernetes, we’re living in a hybrid, multi-cloud world. With a realistic roadmap that ties IT strategy to business outcomes and identifies the people, processes, and technol...

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Thumb original vmware intel cio essential guide to intrinsic security wp

CIO Essential Guidance: Intrinsic Security

Because current approaches to fighting cyberattacks are only incrementally improving results, it's time to examine intrinsic security—what it is, how it works, and its impact on the enterprise's business goals.

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