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Exposure management cover

Learn more about the benefits of an Exposure Management Platform for APAC enterprises

An Infographic brought to you by Tenable with research insights by IDC. In this infographic, you will find: • Proactive approach taken by Asia Pacific enterprises in their cybersecurity transformation initiatives • Top a...

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Understanding exposure management cover

Understand how Exposure Management Aligns with Organizational and Security Strategy in Asia Pacific

An Executive Conversation brought to you by Tenable with research insights by IDC. Learn about: • Economic and risk management benefits for taking a consolidated platform approach • Key design considerations for successf...

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Thumb original duet ai in google workspace ebook

Duet AI in Google Workspace: A new and powerful way of working with generative AI

In a nutshell, generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that helps humans create content, such as text and images. It represents a new era of work, and the world is rapidly shifting to embrace it as it transforms how ...

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Ibm executive briefing 948x552 tn cover


From enabling growth and launching new services to complying with changing regulations and working towards net zero, organisations have a plethora of business goals that must be met. But with limited budgets and resources, find...

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Maximise your storagte investement cover


Cutting the cost of machines and software, whilst improving resilience against myriad cyber threats, ensures that your organisation is more robust and agile. It also benefits the balance sheet. IBM’s Storage FlashSystem leve...

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Driving efficency with intellgient software cover


To reach the next level of efficiency across hybrid cloud environments, organisations need to take advantage of greater automation and orchestration. These capabilities won’t be delivered by the hardware they use, but the softw...

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Ibm power 10 brochure 948x552  cover


Boosting efficiency and maximising value are key business objectives. Organisations want to optimise systems and processes, leverage the power of data analytics and deliver virtual products and services - all while enabling cos...

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Why settle cover

Why settle for less? 5 ways to take your T&E solution from average to extraordinary

Better Travel & Expense solutions and processes make a BIG difference across an organisation. Your current solution may be good enough. But why settle for “good enough” if you could be getting MORE…

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How to create an expenses policy cover

How to Create an Expenses Policy

Having proper guidelines in place is critical to maintaining control when it comes to employee travel and expenses (the second largest controllable cost after salaries). Whether employees are claiming travel or remote worki...

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Guidelines for effective business cover

Guidelines for Effective Business Travel Management

Business travel is on the rise, and while there are a few new norms and the same old challenges (as well as residuals from the pandemic paradigm shift), there are some silver linings: • Sustainability has become an operation...

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