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smartCIO Magazine

smartCIO is the quarterly magazine for technology and IT leaders in EMEA. Hear from industry experts on the themes shaping your field, the issues impacting your organisation and how you can continue to achieve success. Downloa...

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Global Business Travelers Report

Nearly all business travelers are willing to travel this year, yet the way companies are managing the return to travel may prove problematic. Most business travelers report their companies are returning to pre-pandemic travel l...

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How to secure digital transformation

As an organisation, your ability to move fast and adapt to changing circumstances is key to success. Those who can roll with the punches can adapt to market trends and take advantage of new ways of working, positioning themselv...

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Simplifying the data dilemma

Information is the lifeblood of most businesses today. That’s why data, analytics and artificial intelligence have become an essential part of the digital transformation discussion. Or, in other words, being able to extract use...

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Thumb original the future of infrastructure will be containerized whitepaper

The future of infrastructure will be containerized

While most tech companies and startups today run in the cloud, many have yet to realize all the benefits of doing so. If you’re in the cloud but not on Kubernetes, you’re probably leveraging proprietary solutions while building...

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Starting up smart: Must-have advice from founders to the next generation

Ever wondered what it’s like to launch a new business? Then you’ve come to the right place. Starting up smart is a Sifted Intelligence report sponsored by Google Cloud that goes directly to founders, business experts and invest...

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The Startup’s Guide to Google Cloud

Choosing a cloud provider is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make as a startup. As a young company, time is of the essence, and you want a cloud partner that can help get your idea from the back of a cocktail napkin to...

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Thumb original skills gap ebook with q3 offer 2022

Weathering the Cloud Talent Drought: A new model for sourcing cloud services

As the cloud talent drought shows no sign of ending soon, embracing external, third-party support from managed service providers (MSPs) to bridge remaining skills gaps and mitigate their impact should be considered. Simply ...

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Thumb original dell continuously modern storage en

Dell Technologies Continuously Modern Storage

IT's role in business has changed. IT organizations were traditionally once viewed as cost centres, but they are now perceived as true revenue creators. In turn, that change has fundamentally shifted IT's priorities in regard t...

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Thumb original esg technical validation dell powerstore

Future Proofing Data Infrastructure with More Performance, Scalability, and Resiliency

This report documents ESG’s validation of Dell PowerStoreOS v2.1 with a focus on software-only updates. ESG reviewed how PowerStoreOS v2.1 can help organizations future-proof data infrastructure with software performance improv...

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