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5 Principles for Optimizing App Performance in the Cloud

Speed and agility continue to be among the leading motives for enterprise cloud adoption, since slow has become unacceptable in this fast-paced world we live in. But as a DevOps practitioner tasked with accelerating app deploym...

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How to Talk to NetOps About Automation

The network team is made up of your colleagues, your co-workers, in some cases, your friends. They deserve to know the truth. And you’re just the person to bring them that truth. The truth about how automation is going to trans...

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Is it Time to Evolve your Relationship with native Cloud Security and Performance Services?

Everybody changes, and sometimes relationships have to change too. We’re talking, of course, about your relationship with your cloud provider’s native application services for security and performance. Services which are, admi...

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of The IBM Automation Platform For Digital Business

IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the potential ROI enterprises may realize by implementing the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business. The purpose of this Total Economic Impact (TEI) study is to provide re...

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Reinventing Workflows - Power Your Digital Transformation And Drive Greater Impact By Modernizing Processes

The digital transformation imperative has now entered its teenage years, complete with growth spurts and awkward phases. What began as a mad dash to update and design customer-facing processes, remains - at its core - a challen...

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3 Reason Why You Need a Better View of Your Inventory

With today’s technology, you might think inventory accuracy is a given, but for many reasons, it’s not. Your inventory may be siloed in channels - maybe it’s housed in both stores and distribution centers, or at your business p...

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Thumb original whitepaper 3 ways to future proof your business uk ent rc

3 Ways to Future-Proof Your Business

While having control over costs, cash flow, and compliance is important for businesses during typical times, it’s even more critical when trying to maintain business continuity during challenging periods. Reacting to challenges...

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Masters of VAT

In this eBook, you'll discover the variety of ways that SAP Concur can support you in your journey to become a master of VAT. Of course, VAT has been a valuable source of revenue for the UK Government since 1973. Yet, despite m...

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The Economist Report - Global Executives Look to Digital Transformation to Support COVID-19 Recovery

Senior executives worldwide face a starkly different economic climate entering second half of 2020 than they and their teams originally anticipated. The impact of COVID-19 has been tragic and far-reaching on a human and economi...

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Expenses, VAT, Compliance in a Nutshell - UKI Edition

In this eBook we look at VAT, tax and expense rules that apply in the ROI. Highlighting the processes, practices and behaviours around tax and expenses based on some of the frequently asked questions we receive. When you get t...

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