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Thumb original arm treasure data automotive success guide own the road

Own the Road: Treasure Data CDP, the Gold Standard for automotive customer-experience data

Use Treasure Data CDP to steer more auto buyers to your brand—faster and with better marketing ROI. You have the data, you’re spending the money. But are your investments in digital marketing and big data paying off in accel...

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Thumb original automotive paper sharp turns ahead arm treasure data

Sharp Turns Ahead: How Automakers & Car Dealers Can Compete More Effectively in a Data-Driven World

The industry we used to know as “automotive” is now more accurately described as the “mobility” industry. Dynamic shifts are in process, and massive changes have occurred in the two short years since Treasure Data and Brain+Tru...

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Thumb original customer centricity at scale personalize auto

Customer-centricity at scale: Harnessing data to personalize the Automotive customer experience

Automotive companies (e.g., Original Equipment Manufacturers / OEMs) can find themselves drowning in data. With first-party data, automotive companies struggle with multiple data sources (e.g., call center, CRM, website, mobile...

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Thumb original hey auto makers and dealerships are you stuck in digital slow lane

Hey, Auto Makers and Dealerships, Are You Stuck in the Digital Slow Lane?

How customer data is accelerating success for CDP-using OEMs and auto dealers. In the automotive industry, multiple factors are affecting the supply chain for cars worldwide. But on the demand side, what’s really holding the...

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Thumb original cdpi cdp industry in emea

Customer Data Platform Industry in EMEA

Customer Data Platforms are specialized software to assemble, unify, and share customer data. Europe is home to 60 of the 155 CDP vendors that the CDP Institute has identified. CDPs are becoming more mainstream. The CDP indu...

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Thumb original sap concur gaining control ebook v3.0

If Not SAP Concur Solutions Now, When?

Gaining Control of Your Business Spend - It’s time for businesses to embrace the Power of Now! Organisations that rely on manual processes are left vulnerable to fraud, spend too much time completing day-to-day activities and ...

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AP Anywhere - Capture, Process, Pay

As more finance departments find cause to take on hybrid working and remote working to manage accounts payable, it’s increasingly more important to recognise if you have a complete platform to accommodate the systems and people...

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Thumb original forgerock consumer identity breach 2021 report

2021 ForgeRock Consumer Identity Breach Report

The year 2020 witnessed a massive digital migration. People did almost everything online – purchasing goods and services, consulting with healthcare professionals, arranging for meal deliveries, distance learning, and, of cours...

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Thumb original elevate the customer experience and strengthen security

Elevate the Customer Experience and Strengthen Security

The customer experience is the beginning, middle, and end of every business success and many business failures. Whether a business operates online, in brick and mortar, or both, digital transformation is the new normal for crea...

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Thumb original evaluating digital identity providers for ciam

How to Evaluate CIAM Providers for Critical Capabilities

Eight digital transformation trends are actively and interdependently shaping business and society. These trends help to inform what is required of a consumer identity and access management (CIAM) platform. To survive and thriv...

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