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Users like ads on high quality sites

The halo effect also applies to online ads: as Integral Ad Science (IAS) was able to show in a recent study, users rate display ads in high-quality environments significantly better than on less professional websites. The interaction and reminder rates are also up to 30% higher than regular....more on

Using Martech successfully

More and more companies rely on Martech to better reflect the success of their own marketing. But many CMOs and marketers have the feeling that they are not using the new marketing technologies properly. But this is not decisive: If your company pulls the necessary KPIs simply and clearly from your own Martech solution, the purpose is fulfilled....more on

SMEs do little online marketing

German SMEs do comparatively little online marketing. This is the result of a recent study commissioned by Groupon. According to this study, direct marketing is the most important marketing channel for every 4th medium-sized company. Typical online tools such as e-mailings and SEO are only used by a minority. In a European comparison, German SMEs are lagging behind. ...more on

The own brand is essential for companies

Expanding one's own market share is a major marketing challenge, especially for young companies. But older companies are no less struggling to hold their own against the competition. A new study by Kantar shows how essential the early and consistent development of a brand is for sales. Only those who manage to generate momentum can rejoice in a rapidly growing business. ...more on

Companies are not yet satisfied with marketing automation

The number of companies using marketing automation is growing: 43% of small and 83% of large companies already rely on the automation of their marketing activities. This is according to a recent study by Cloudbridge. The most common goal is to generate leads, followed by more efficiency in marketing. But not everyone is satisfied with the implementation. Two-thirds of the companies that had difficulties implementing a marketing automation solution complain about inadequate data quality.    ...more on

SEO Metrics for SMEs

More and more SMEs rely on their own website when it comes to marketing. More than one third rely on an SEO strategy. But it is not always effective. Website traffic is not the best metric, especially for SMEs, because it says nothing about conversions and customer satisfaction. It makes more sense to focus on traffic maintenance, backlinks and conversion rates.  ...more on

The Power of Global Mobile Customer Engagement for Internet Companies and Social Media Networks

Internet companies and Social Network businesses are changing rapidly and this creates new challenges for marketers. Choosing the best way to communicate with your customers, within budget, and with the ability to measure ROI, are critical requirements to ensuring effective consumer engagement. You need to find innovative ways to engage with and influence your customers’ preferences, in particular while being able to reach them anywhere and anytime. It is important to be able to identify communications channels that are cost effective and gu ...more

Finding Firmographics. B2B Marketers are Confronting a Changing and Uncertain Datascape

The results of Dun & Bradstreet's sixth annual report on B2B marketing data is out, and the results are show great ignorance. Generally speaking, the bottom line is that B2B marketers know that data is key, but they aren't exactly sure as to how to make sense of the data.  ...more

Local online marketing – so far often neglected

Failure to mention opening hours, minimal company location information and no ratings on popular platforms: Online marketing, which is only locally oriented, is often not maintained. German companies have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to locally oriented sales strategies. Petrol stations, retailers and banks in particular have a lot of catching up to do here, as they offer great opportunities to address customers directly and locally.   DAC study  The DAC Group Germany examined criteria for local behaviour in online marketin ...more

Social Media, SEO and Co: These are the top 5 topics in online marketing

In cooperation with our partner, the DSP selfcampaign, we have exclusively analysed which were the most important topics in online marketing in 2018.  ...more
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