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Top Tips for Improving VAT Compliance: 10 actions you can take to protect against audits and penalties, and maximise your profitability

Did you know? Some countries – including the Czech Republic, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, and Poland among others – require the buyer’s company VAT ID to be on the invoice to be valid for VAT reclaim. In Denmark and some other countries, the amount of VAT eligible for reclaim is dependent on the circumstance. Dining in qualifies for 25% VAT recovery while 100% of catering expenses for office meetings, seminars and so forth can be reclaimed. In Germany, different VAT rates apply for public transportation and taxis within and beyond a trip ...more

Stay on Top of the Bottom Line Capture and Control Spend, Wherever and Whenever It Happens

After payroll, travel-related spend is often the secondlargest line item on a business’s budget. And if you want to manage all that money effectively, you need a solution that’s truly integrated into your travel program. It’s the only way to get the visibility you need to: Drill down into employee spend details Reinforce policy compliance Manage your bottom line Keep your travelers safe and productive on the road Concur® Travel and Expense is the answer. This cloud-based solution solves the toughest spend management challenges across y ...more

In Times Of Crisis, CFOs Help Turn Adversity Into Advantage

When 2020 started, no one could have anticipated how the world would change, including unprecedented shifts in the way we work. To gain a better understanding of the impact, Gartner surveyed enterprise CFOs and reported these three key findings: Focus has shifted from growth, efficiency, and partnerships to business continuity. Increasing cash positions, reducing functional costs, and enabling remote work have become top priorities. Finance leaders are uncertain about what to do next. While the crisis has created unprecedented challen ...more


This paper presents the results of the IDC Sustainability in the Nordics survey carried out in July 2020. The survey, which was sponsored by SAP, SAP Ariba, SAP Concur, and SAP Fieldglass, was conducted in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Additional data from other IDC surveys that focus on sustainability will be referenced throughout this study. ...more

Foresight 2021. There's never been a more critical time to see business spend.

It’s always a good time to keep an eye on your budgets and cash flow, but with the worldwide changes businesses have worked through in the last year, spend visibility has gone from consequential to crucial. Ask yourself, for example: How many more employees are making spending decisions for your company? How are expenses claims changing now that more people are working remotely? How do you control cashflow, costs, and budgets as the pace of change continues to increase? Every business is facing these questions right now, but the compani ...more

Arla Foods Chooses Sap Concur to Improve Visibility of Their Travel and Expense Spend

After appointing a new Group CFO, Arla Foods were ready to tackle their outdated, paper-based travel and expense system. Arla Foods chose SAP Concur as a trusted advisor to help modernise and automate their processes. A dedicated internal team worked with SAP Concur to manage implementation, giving employees company credit cards and access to the Concur Mobile app. ...more

5 Reasons SAP Concur Is The Right Solution For Spend Management

Your spend is spread across countless employees around the world. But, at the end of the day, it all comes out of the same bottom line. If you miss even a little bit of spend, it can create a blind spot you won’t know about until it’s too late. That’s where SAP Concur solutions come in. Our travel, expense, and invoice solutions make it simple to capture and analyze all your spend data in a single, easy-to-use, globally consistent experience that ends the hassle of managing multiple solutions providers. Our integrated solutions provide near ...more

Carbon Insight for Banks

As a bank, drive customer engagement, introduce green products, and make your ESG strategy more robust. Meniga Carbon Insight is a white-label solution that enables banks to inform customers about their carbon footprint and gives them the power to reduce or offset it. This innovative solution drives digital engagement and deepens customer loyalty through carbon footprinting and offsetting. Find out more about what makes Carbon Insight the best green banking product on the market and why banks are getting involved. ...more

Carbon Conscious Banking

As a bank, drive customer engagement, introduce green products, and make your ESG strategy more robust. Global concern about climate change is rising. An increasing number of banking customers want to understand the impact they have on the environment, take action and make meaningful change. In this insight paper, we will reveal: How banks can help customers track & offset their carbon footprint How to create opportunities to upsell green banking products How Carbon solutions drive digital engagement & deepen customer loyalty How banks ...more

Executive Summary - The Workers’ Experience

In the digital era, a skilled and effective workforce is essential and the technology to support them is equally vital. It’s the task of technology decision makers to provide every worker with an ecosystem of hardware, software and additional equipment that maximizes each worker’s ability to contribute to the organization. In the search to uncover the facts about worker experience across a broad range of global regions and industries, a survey commissioned by Dell points the way to greater worker effectiveness and organizational competitiven ...more
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