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Supercharge Your Apps with All-Flash Storage

The tipping point has arrived. Large enterprises are planning their nextgeneration datacenters around flash-based storage, and for good reason. Flash arrays provide read and write performance that is orders of magnitude faster than spinning media at a total cost of ownership that is on par with disk and will soon be lower. The benefits not only include improved application performance, but more consistent performance, lower latency, reduced storage footprint, streamlined storage administration, and lower operating costs. These advantages are to ...more

Accelerating the Business Value of Flash Storage: A Practical Guide for IT Decision-Makers

In recent years, flash has been recognized as the optimal technology to support today’s data-driven businesses. Early adopters are realizing gains in productivity, end user satisfaction, and cost-efficiency, compared with traditional storage. That’s why many businesses recognize that an all-flash data center is in their future. In this white paper, we will examine the storage challenges faced by businesses. We consider the case for the all-flash data center, discuss the importance of a flash-optimized data protection strategy, and provide t ...more

The Forrester WaveTM: Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Q3 2018

in our 36-criterion evaluation of software-based hyperconverged infrastructure (HCi) providers, we identified the 11 most significant ones — Cisco, dataCore, Hewlett Packard enterprise (HPe), Huawei, Maxta, Netapp, Nutanix, Pivot3, Scale Computing, Stratoscale, and vMware — and researched, analyzed, and scored them. This report details our findings about how well each vendor scored on the criteria and where they stand in relation to each other. infrastructure and operations (i&o) professionals can use this evaluation to select the right par ...more

No danger: Cloud use increases security in companies

In a recent study, PAC clears up current misconceptions: According to the study, 77% of respondents reported that security was at least an important criterion when deciding in favor of the cloud. 70% saw significant security improvements shortly after the migration....more on

Unified Hybrid Cloud Definition Evolves with the Release of Pure Storage's New Evergreen Storage Service Program

Many CIOs have given their teams a strategic objective around the use of cloud technologies with the intent of optimally balancing their workload mix across both on- and off-premises locations. This white paper introduces and discusses what a truly unified hybrid cloud vision means in today's modern enterprises, exploring the benefits, challenges, and requirements associated with achieving it. It then provides a brief overview of what all-flash array (AFA) vendor Pure Storage offers in terms of unified hybrid cloud. After perusing this document ...more

Unified Hybrid Cloud Will Be Key to Successful Digital Transformation

Organizations of all types are committed to the potential of cloud to transform how they do business, with adoption of external cloud services nearly ubiquitous at this point. However, the realities and challenges of cloud execution see most businesses choosing not to go ‘all in’ on public cloud and instead turning to hybrid cloud strategies to get the most from their IT operations. The requirements of the specific applications define the value they receive from both on-premises and off-premises environments. For hybrid cloud deployments to ...more

Businesses are Shifting to a Unified Hybrid Cloud

Enterprise cloud adoption is in full swing. More than 90% of respondents to 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise (VotE): Cloud Hosting and Managed Services studies indicated that they have some type of cloud service in place, and many of those already have multiple cloud environments in use. Public infrastructure as a service plays a significant role in both existing and planned usage; however, the shift to public cloud is not absolute – only a small portion of businesses plan to go all-in on public cloud (see figure). Most businesses see the ...more

Pure Unifies Cloud - Drive true hybrid cloud operations with cloud data services from Pure

Today traditional applications generally run on-premises and webscale apps are built in the cloud – separate worlds, each with siloed apps and data. This cloud divide, in which organizations are compelled to choose on-premises or cloud-based resources, inevitably means less innovation, fewer insights, and slower time-to- market. Bridging the cloud divide requires a true hybrid cloud strategy – and a data- centric architecture – that frees existing applications from specific infrastructure while powering app development across clouds. Built on c ...more

Unifying Storage in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Hybrid cloud infrastructure is the combination of public and/or private cloud infrastructure alongside traditional on-premise infrastructure for the same or different workloads. 79% of enterprises have current or planned investments in hybrid cloud in the next 12 months. Download the infographic to learn more about the benefits of a Hybrid Cloud Environment ...more

Top 7 Hybrid Cloud Challenges

1. Public cloud is poorly suited to traditional enterprise applications 2. Private and public cloud management are different 3. Private and public cloud APIs are different 4. Cloud-native applications expect object storage 5. Use cloud for data protection and recovery 6. Some applications require on-premises solutions 7. Existing cloud offerings lack a unified infrastructure. These differences can limit your ability to move enterprise and cloud-native applications where you need them. If you want to create an effective hyb ...more
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