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The omnichannel commerce playbook

While many businesses consider an omnichannel experience to be one of their top priorities, only 6% of retail and brand professionals ‘strongly agree that their internal teams share common omnichannel strategy success goals.’ However, there are some key areas where your business can set shared goals to support the transformation from multichannel to omnichannel. Read this Forrester playbook to learn why you need a single enterprise-level view of the customer, seamless customer engagement, anywhere, anytime fulfilment, and product and pricing pa ...more

Revolutionising Cybersecurity

Much has been made in the cybersecurity industry of the benefits of SASE, but what are the pragmatic steps businesses must take to embed SASE into their strategy? This report by journalists who spoke to representatives from a selection of global organisations offers practical steps for businesses looking to overhaul their cybersecurity and embed a zero trust approach. Take a look at the data-rich infographics and find out more about: How to make SASE a board-level priority Using the security stack to differentiate your culture Solving the ...more

Market Pulse Protecting the Human Side of Cybersecurity

Behavioral analytics tops the list of cybersecurity best practices The majority of enterprise companies have hundreds of apps deployed in the cloud, and that trend is expected to continue, according to a new survey by IDG. That said, 52% of companies find that securing those apps continues to be challenging. But that doesn’t mean that the remaining 48% are fully confident in their cloud app security or are fully aware of all of the facets of cloud security they should be considering. Enterprise companies have deployed hundreds of applic ...more

Compare Cloud Security Solutions

Determining which edge and cloud security vendor is the right fit for your organization can be challenging. Read this guide for evaluating the leading enterprise solutions so you can choose with confidence. Download to see 13 evaluation criteria, including: Support and services Ease of implementation Customization/flexibility How to best use analyst perspectives ...more

Making It Safe for Federal Employees to Work Remotely

These days, more of your people—maybe even your entire workforce—are working from home. Your operations have shifted, and your cybersecurity needs to, too. But even as the potential for risk widens amidst a rapidly evolving threat landscape, you can help keep your agency safe and your people productive. Download to learn how to: Extending remote access to mission critical resources Enhance your email phishing protection outside the office Safeguard your people as they use the web differently Ensure data security in a multi-cloud enviro ...more

Discover an ERP cloud that will get you back to growth

It’s predicted that, by 2022, 30% of large enterprises will have moved to a platform- and product-specific approach to standardised ERP capabilities. But which ERP cloud solution should manufacturers and distribution companies adopt? The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP for Product-Centric Enterprises evaluates the various solutions on the market. Read the report to find out why Oracle scores highly across several categories, including initial ERP product delivery, technical support and deployment, order-to-cash capabilities, market respons ...more

Gartner names Oracle a leader in Cloud ERP

ERP for product-centric enterprises, such as manufacturing and distribution companies, continues to transition from on-premises to cloud deployment. Read the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP for Product-Centric Enterprises to evaluate solutions for moving your ERP business capabilities to the cloud. The report notes that Oracle scores highly across several categories, including ‘vision for product strategy for product-centric enterprises’ and ‘execution of initial ERP product delivery’, as well as its order-to-cash capabilities. Explore ...more

Businesses that make big moves are seeing big opportunities

New opportunities have arisen for finance leaders—but only if you’re willing to make big moves in unpredictable times. To illustrate this point, research from MIT Technology Review reveals that 52% of executives who wish to transform in the coming years plan to move IT functions to the cloud. Read the full report to explore the ‘big moves’ they intend to make, such as restructuring through mergers and acquisitions, adopting new business models, automating the financial close, and creating risk-intelligent cultures. Learn how finance leaders ...more

MIT Technology Review Insights: Big Moves, Big Opportunity

If your business is to recapture growth and thrive in the next normal, you must be willing to make big moves, with finance taking the lead. Research from MIT Technology Review shows that 66% of businesses have already initiated ‘big moves’, or plan to do so in the next 12 months. For example, 61% plan to significantly increase technology investments to thrive. Read the report to explore the opportunities that can be created in a crisis—including mergers and acquisitions, automation of the financial close, and adoption of new business models and ...more

4 ways finance can capitalise on new growth opportunities

When you’re prepared to hit the accelerator and once again turn your focus to the future, you can gain the competitive edge despite unpredictable time. Discover the big, innovative moves that you can make to recapture growth in times of disruption. Read how to embrace new business models, accelerate an automated close, build a risk-intelligent culture, and capitalise on mergers and acquisition divestitures to support a successful pivot. Read this eBook to discover four big moves you should make right now ...more
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