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The power of Red Hat Enterprise Linux

By definition, an operating system (OS) is the system software responsible for managing any computer hardware and software resources your organization requires for its various operations. Structurally, an OS sits between your hardware and the various services and applications that your team needs to interact with to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. Your OS is also relied on to control the range of tasks your applications require, such as power management, performance management, threading, logging, and security. This ensures tha ...more
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AWS Migration: How to migrate your IT landscape to AWS – and what you need to consider

So you want to migrate to AWS – great! However, there are a few things you need to bear in mind For start-ups operating in a digital-native world, ‘let’s go AWS’ is not a reason for particular excitement; it’s simply the established standard. Businesses that still have little to no established business processes can go all out with AWS. The cloud is not transforming the technology; it’s transforming the business – its processes, organizational structures, governance, and skills. Read more about solutions and the challenges of cloud migra ...more
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Give employees the cloud apps they need to do their jobs

The world of work is changing fast, and users now expect even more from the technology they rely on to do their jobs. Your business needs smarter, friendlier data-centric applications and platforms that deliver real-time data insights to help employees make better, faster decisions. Discover a new generation of cloud applications from Oracle that will help your business thrive in the digital economy. And start developing a business case for digital transformation that reflects the impact data now has on business performance. Read IDC’s repor ...more
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Revolutionising Cybersecurity

Much has been made in the cybersecurity industry of the benefits of SASE, but what are the pragmatic steps businesses must take to embed SASE into their strategy? This report by journalists who spoke to representatives from a selection of global organisations offers practical steps for businesses looking to overhaul their cybersecurity and embed a zero trust approach. Take a look at the data-rich infographics and find out more about: How to make SASE a board-level priority Using the security stack to differentiate your culture Solving the ...more
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Oracle Autonomous Database for Dummies - Drive innovation with smarter data-driven decisions

Oracle Autonomous Database is a self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing database that enables your company to free up budgets, reallocate your resources, and reduce risk. This moves the focus from manual management chores to high value activities, such as analytics, that support business growth and innovation. For example, OUTFRONT Media provisioned a data warehouse in minutes instead of months and reduced complex revenue query time from six minutes to two seconds through self-tuning. Read this guide to explore how to build a modern dat ...more