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Solar Park Management: Optimizing your photovoltaic system

Find out more about how you can Transfer 90% of your existing planning to new solar projects Get time savings of 50% when starting up your solar park with Plug and Play Save more than 40% on operating and maintenance costs

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Thumb original the power of global mobile customer engagement for travel   hospitality

The Power of Global Mobile Customer Engagement for Travel & Hospitality

The world of travel and hospitality is changing rapidly and this creates new challenges for marketers. Choosing the best way to communicate with your customers, within budget, and with the ability to measure ROI, are critical r...

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Thumb original the power of mobile customer engagement in retail services

The Power of Global Mobile Customer Engagement in Retail Services

Mobile communications technology is influencing fundamental changes in the way that many retail organisations operate. The adoption of mobile technology as an integral part of the retail business model and is fundamental for th...

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Understanding the Causes and Consequences of Occupational Hearing Loss

Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is the most commonly reported occupational disease. In the EU approximately 52 million people report having hearing loss. Despite being avoidable in most cases, NIHL is expected to become even ...

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The HSE’s strategy to reduce work-related ill health

2018 will see the HSE increase their focus on the measures that companies have in place to prevent their staff from falling ill. In practical terms, this will see businesses placed under increased scrutiny and asked to demonstr...

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Fuel Spend Analytics With Fast, Accurate & Flexible Data Insight

As global enterprises continue to face increasing complexity and market volatility, procurement professionals are turning to data-driven analytics and insights to help manage uncertainty, gain a better understanding of supplier...

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Thumb original domo   your marketing roi   risk of inaction vs return on investment

Risk Of Inaction vs Return On Investment

Poor marketing strategies, convoluted analysis and campaign insights, and fragmented reporting have for, a long time now, been an easy scapegoat for low growth and sales across many organisations in different industries. The ma...

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Thumb original global supply chain risk report q1 2018

Global Supply Chain Risk Report Q1

This Global Supply Chain Risk Report is a joint publication by Cranfield School of Management and Dun & Bradstreet. Experts from Cranfield’s Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management have analysed Dun & Bradstree...

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Using Docker and Microservices for Developing Cloud Native Applications

Over the last few years new development models and software architectures have, for some, enabled rapid innovation and subsequent success and disruption in the marketplace. IT truly can become "the factory of the 21st century" ...

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Oracle Linux: Minimize Operating Expenses and Maximize Value

As companies are modernizing and simplifying their infrastructure with open technologies, Oracle Linux offers greater value than other commercial Linux releases. Backed by 24x7 support in 145 countries and deployed by thousands...

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