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Thumb original the power of global mobile customer engagement for transport  logistics and supply chain managementanagement

The Power of Global Mobile Customer Engagement for Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Transport and Logistics businesses are changing rapidly and adopting new technology options for efficiency and cost advantage. This creates new challenges for professionals working in marketing and customer service operations i...

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Thumb original the power of global mobile customer engagement for travel   hospitality

The Power of Global Mobile Customer Engagement for Travel & Hospitality

The world of travel and hospitality is changing rapidly and this creates new challenges for marketers. Choosing the best way to communicate with your customers, within budget, and with the ability to measure ROI, are critical r...

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Thumb original the power of mobile customer engagement in retail services

The Power of Global Mobile Customer Engagement in Retail Services

Mobile communications technology is influencing fundamental changes in the way that many retail organisations operate. The adoption of mobile technology as an integral part of the retail business model and is fundamental for th...

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Thumb original 118785  pan taas whitepaper en 210x297mm aw v08

Mobile Computing As A Service

Panasonic’s rugged mobile devices are transforming the productivity of mobile workforces in industries from retail and hospitality, through manufacturing and logistics, to healthcare and emergency services. The new TOUGHBOOK-as...

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Thumb original customer satisfaction whitepaper en

A matter of trust

Choosing the right provider for any organisation’s mobile computing solution is a business-critical decision. It requires a solution provider that can offer the right advice and support at every stage of the product’s lifecycle...

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Thumb original rugged confusion whitepaper

Rugged Confusion: Advice for buyers of rugged mobile computing devices

This independent research, conducted by Opinion Matters and commissioned by Panasonic, shows that the language being used by manufacturers of business and consumer devices is confusing the marketplace. Extreme terms to describe...

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Thumb original hp 1416 onesheeter update 07 05 2018

Aktuelle Anforderungen an das Mobile Office

HP und cioatatwork.com haben in einer gemeinsamen Studie von Februar bis März 2018 IT-Entscheider aus der DACH-Region zu ihren aktuellen IT-Bedürfnissen befragt. Dabei zeigt sich: Das Mobile Office gewinnt zunehmend an Bedeut...

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Bildschirmfoto 2018 08 09 um 12.13.24

Mobile Office: Am Puls der Zeit

In einer aktuellen Studie untersucht das Online-Portal CIOatWORK.com die bevorzugten Arbeitsgeräte von IT-Entscheidern. Dieses Whitepaper trägt die Ergebnisse zusammen und gibt Einblick in weitere aktuelle Erkenntnisse der Mo...

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Thumb original six steps enabling the mobile clinician

Six Steps to Enabling the Mobile Clinician

Healthcare IT is a driving force in bringing about better patient care, and mobility is a key component. Mobility in the healthcare world is unique: clinicians roam from one shared workstation to another, use their tablets on r...

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Thumb original 28717 mimo whitepaper deu final   copy

Prüfstand für 5G Massive MIMO: Von der Theorie zur Praxis

Massive MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) ist ein äußerst spannender Bereich der 5G-Forschung. Für die kommende Generation drahtloser Datennetzwerke verspricht Massive MIMO deutliche Leistungssteigerungen. Netzwerke mit Ma...

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