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Thumb original managing successful process mining initiatives

Managing Successful Process Mining Initiatives with SAP Signavio Process Intelligence

Die Methode des Process Minings ermöglicht Ihnen umfangreiche Prozess­analysen. Sie erkennen die Schwach­stellen und Optimierung­s-potenziale in Ihren Prozessen und können auf dieser Basis Veränderungen auf den Weg bringen. All...

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Thumb original introduction to customer journey mapping

Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping: Visualizing Customer Touch Points from Start to Finish

Nur wer seine KundInnen begeistert, kann langfristig am Markt bestehen. Der “Ultimative Leitfaden für Customer Journey Mapping” deckt genau ab, wie Customer Journey Mapping einen kombinierten Fokus auf Operational Excellence un...

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Thumb original how to create a single source of truth

How to Create a Single Source of Truth: A Guide for Business Transformation

Alle Organisation sind sich stetig verändernden Marktbedingungen unterworfen. Je flexibler und agiler man sich diesen anpasst, je resilienter man als Unternehmen ist, desto mehr Wettbewerbsvorteile entstehen. Hierfür ist es ...

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Thumb original 7 step guide to operational excellence en

7 Step Guide to Operational Excellence

Organisationen aller Branchen streben nach einem wichtigen Ziel: Operational Excellence. Sie versprechen sich davon effizientere Prozesse, bessere Zusammenarbeit und ein durchweg positives Kundenerlebnis. Doch wie richten Si...

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Thumb original  white paper  heartassist  202107

HeartAssist™: The Automatic Classification and Measurement Tool for Fetal Heart Assessment

Congenital heart disease (CHD) is the most common severe congenital abnormality, with an incidence of 8 to 9 per 1,000 live births. CHD is a leading cause of infant morbidity and mortality. Accurate prenatal detection of CHD al...

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Thumb original hms intesis whitepaper use cases b%2ba english web

Gateways for Building Automation: Increasing communication, decreasing energy!

A Best Practice Whitepaper In order to achieve climate goals, the CO2 balance of buildings must be reduced, as they are responsible for 36% of emissions and 40% of energy consumption within the EU. Air conditioning units in ...

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Thumb original whitepaper get started with industrial remote access double pager

Easy and secure remote access to your machines

Find out all you need to know about remote access In the industrial sector, after-sales engineers and technicians must regularly travel to factories to service machines and various pieces of equipment. Wouldn't it be wonderf...

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Thumb original sds whitepaper trace de en

TRACE: Best Practices in Streamlining Withholding Tax Procedures.

Tax Reporting Insights on TRACE as SDS Whitepaper: SDS in conversation with European tax experts from Deloitte, BNP, BNY Mellon.

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Thumb original iswp1 a ev wp 12.05.21 draft version

Mechanical testing of electric vehicle batteries

This white paper examines the key static mechanical testing methods and technologies associated with EV battery applications. We begin by looking at some major trends in the EV industry and how they are affecting testing, and t...

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Thumb original iseg1 a ev e guide04.06.21 draft version

How to chose the right test machine for your electric vehicle battery application

Mechanical testing is key to assessing the performance and safety of an electric vehicle’s (EV) battery system. Accurate, efficient, and safe testing equipment is critical for companies trying to increase productivity and decre...

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