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Leveraging AI and Automation in Life Sciences During a Health Crisis

Government, Healthcare and Life Sciences industries must rapidly respond to the global challenge. These industries are working at an unprecedented pace to find solutions. Intelligent automation empowers active collaboration while business automation brings the greater human capacity to your organisation. In this webinar, the Global Leader in Life Sciences, Catherine Calarco will: - Review Current Trends - Discuss AI and Intelligent Automation - Review current use Cases and Results ...more

How to Take a User-Centric Approach to the Modern ERP: Episode 5

Episode 5: Building a Roadmap of Change Keith Costello, Global VP SAP & Liz Herbert, VP, Forrester discuss the modern ERP and user-centric approach. ...more

How to Take a User-Centric Approach to the Modern ERP: Episode 3

Episode 3 - Refreshing the Digital Core Keith Costello, Global VP SAP & Liz Herbert, VP, Forrester discuss the modern ERP and user-centric approach. ...more

Insights from IBM on the journey to SAP S/4HANA

To address evolving customer needs, drive business growth, and stay nimble in the face of rapid change, companies everywhere are embarking on bold and ambitious digital transformation journeys. To reap the full benefits of the digital economy, a dual approach is needed. Companies need to dramatically simplify their business processes and, at the same time, use their expertise to build stronger and deeper relationships with customers. To achieve this, many have chosen to rely on SAP’s intelligent Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. ...more

Why CEOs should care about the move to SAP S/4HANA

More than half the businesses that rely on SAP to run their critical operations are in a quandary. According to a 2019 survey conducted by the Americas’ SAP Users’ Group, 56% of SAP customers have plans to move to SAP S/4HANA. But when it comes to execution, they are stuck. Complex, custom SAP installations may require retooling, which increases costs and timelines. Line-of-business stakeholders may insist their essential applications cannot tolerate any disruption, and users may balk at potential changes to their interfaces and processes. Even ...more

Top 6 Autonomous Vehicle Use Cases You Need to Read

Automotive solutions rely on electronic systems to implement autonomous capability in vehicles. With this capability, the electronic system can meet real-time processing requirements and interface with a range of high- and low-bandwidth sensors. Autonomous capabilities provide a secure and safe implementation that prevents unauthorized access and modification — and ensures safe operation and graceful degradation. Within the autonomous vehicle space, several key systems must be developed: - Autonomous vision systems - Automotive RADAR - ...more

Workplace Productivity - Powering the way you work

Empowering everyone with the most advanced, productive, and liberating technologies. When it comes to longevity, nobody can hold a candle to Dell. Not only do our machines have the capability, manageability and security features that are trusted by IT, but they are designed for long lifecycles, thereby reducing waste and recycling costs. Small wonder they’ve been around for so long. 44 % of employees feel their workplace isn’t smart enough. Dell Workforce Solutions are built to provide modern workers with more mobility, productivity and ...more

Smarter Faster Experiences Webinar

Work at full speed with smarter, faster and user experiences. This webinar highlights the importance for companies and their employees to have technology that makes them more efficient while delivering quicker and better results. Technology is driving rapid change in the world and business. Organization must adapt by being smarter and faster than ever. Technology is no longer a one size fits all solution. The right technology is becoming a differentiator for businesses. At Dell we’re focused on empowering employee and business activit ...more

Smarter, faster experiences for your entire workforce - Accelerate your experience with Dell Latitude laptops.

Today’s worker is on the go, working in multiple locations with the need to stay connected. They need to have access to information and collaborative tools that are quick and easy. End user’s need to be connected so they can be productive without worry. We also understand the pain points and frustrations due to inability or slow connect time, loss of power and inflexible workspaces, while on the go. Get users to work faster by removing barriers to productivity so they can work more easily, efficiently and successfully wherever they are. Dell ...more

Infrared Sensors Signal OEM Opportunities in Smart Home Market

Smart home devices, which help automate household systems and promote energy efficiency, are some of the most popular applications in the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) space. Fortune Business Insights projects that the global smart home market will reach US$ 622.59 billion by 2026, for a CAGR of 29.3%. At the heart of many of these devices is a new generation of infrared (IR) detection sensors. These sensors are essential for the operation of motion-detecting security cameras and safety lights that increase the general security of our ...more
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