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A Deep Dive into Managing Risk and Making Better Credit Decisions

Credit decisioning requires a deep understanding of the various types of credit scores and analytics, and how they work together to provide a complete picture of a company’s likelihood to pay its bills on time. Dun & Bradst...

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Thumb original facing forwards   the evolution of the modern finance leader

The Evolution Of The Modern Finance Leader

To learn more, we gathered views from 200 CFOs and financial directors from across British enterprise, exploring everything from the roles they perform to the issues that cause them concern. The results were decisive, provid...

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The Finance Mountaineer's View of the Enterprise Risk Landscape

The modern, interconnected business world demands a modern vision of what risk means. Finance leaders must reckon with risk. And what this means today is very different from what it meant even a year ago. We know that risk i...

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Thumb original the customer obsessed finance leader in the age of data

The Customer-Obsessed Finance Leader In The Age Of Data

Although we’re already deeply embedded in the age of the customer, the pace of technologic advancement and customer empowerment continues to disrupt today’s business models. Throughout it all, there has been one constant: The k...

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The Customer Journey to SD-WAN: Purchasing Considerations for SD-WAN

Functional, Technical, and Economic Considerations Enterprises can choose to source either a fully managed SD-WAN, in which case a provider will handle the hassle of deployment, provisioning, and ongoing maintenance and chan...

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The Customer Journey to SD-WAN: Is It Right for Your Network?

Functional, Technical, and Economic Considerations Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking (SD-WAN) can offer a number of advantages over traditional networking techniques for enterprises moving to virtualized IT environments....

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Thumb original idc vendor spotlight transforming enterprise it in the digital world 2

Transforming Enterprise IT in the Digital World

Digital transformation is becoming pervasive, impacting businesses across regions and industries. Businesses are being reinvented. Digitally fit organizations need to revamp their IT platforms to enable innovation as business t...

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Four Steps To A Data Management Strategy In Light Of Big Data

Strategic Plan: The Data Management Playbook Data is the lifeblood of your entire organization. it should enlighten every function of the business, including customer experience (cX), operations, marketing, sales, service, a...

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Realizing Potential On Blockchain And Its Usability In The Organisation

Blockchain is an open source software application which provides disruptive technologies and enhanced functionalities that allow digital information to be distributed – but not copied – between unknown parties. It is a technolo...

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Thumb original customerexperience and engagement ebook

Improve Engagement And Amplify Loyalty

Digital has changed everything. If you want to survive, you need to transform too. Leading global analyst firm Deloitte says that CIOs are “uniquely positioned to spearhead digital initiatives, build IT capabilities, and enhanc...

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