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Data security: A best practice guide How to ensure compliance and keep your data safe

Staying on top of transactional and information-based communications is becoming increasingly important for small and medium-sized organisations. It’s a practice that enables them to meet compliance, as well as many other key i...

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Digital transformation: A best practices report

Digital transformation is about harnessing the potential of technology to achieve real organisational benefits. Whether the aim is to transform the entire organisation or just one department, a digital initiative can have a pro...

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Don’t be a slave to compliance

Data breaches are hitting the news almost every day. And regulators are handing out record fines for non-compliance. In the print industry, the stakes are especially high– an inaccurate billing run could lead to sensitive finan...

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Are you getting through? How to build one-to-one relationships with physical and digital communications

This ebook is the first part of a series designed to help you address this challenge: How to future proof your internal and external communications and build a smart, efficient and compliant communications strategy.

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The inside guide to using technology to achieve operational excellence.

Among many things, operational excellence requires organisations to identify the key challenges they face and how they’re going to go about tackling them. It’s not easy. Some organisations don’t know how to overcome some of the...

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OTT 3.0: How to build a better mousetrap

Contrary to popular belief, over-the-top (OTT) has been around for quite some time. Even though OTT is only just beginning to flourish, competition for viewers is high. Providers must seek ways to improve their OTT experience. ...

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Thumb original 5 things you need to know about implementing an multi cdn

5 Things you need to know about implementing a Multi-CDN Strategy

Can your business afford to lose $9,000 per minute? According to the Ponemon Institute $9,000 is the average cost of an unplanned outage. In some cases the costs are much higher. The catalogue of cloud outages over recent ye...

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Thumb original weathering the storm ebook uk

Weathering the Storm: Forecasting How Data & Analytics Impact Modern Credit Teams

More and more, CFOs are going on the record stating their goal is to facilitate sales and uncover new revenue opportunities, not simply to serve as Keeper of the Purse Strings. The strategic use of data is the cornerstone of a...

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Thumb original business credit report ebook uki version

A Deep Dive into Managing Risk and Making Better Credit Decisions

Credit decisioning requires a deep understanding of the various types of credit scores and analytics, and how they work together to provide a complete picture of a company’s likelihood to pay its bills on time. Dun & Bradst...

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Thumb original facing forwards   the evolution of the modern finance leader

The Evolution Of The Modern Finance Leader

To learn more, we gathered views from 200 CFOs and financial directors from across British enterprise, exploring everything from the roles they perform to the issues that cause them concern. The results were decisive, provid...

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