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Thumb original  aiim tip sheet  5 reasons why the saas revolution needs a unified content strategy

5 Reasons Why the SaaS Revolution Needs a Unified Content Strategy

If organizations must get their specialized SaaS applications to work together like their old software suites did, the openness of each application’s APIs and how well pre-configured these APIs are with all of the other SaaS ap...

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Thumb original change management guide

How to manage change when moving to the cloud

Moving from legacy to cloud infrastructure is a huge win for business, but the process requires a fundamental shift in organizational culture and business processes, both inside and outside IT. In fact, managing this change may...

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Thumb original become it hero

Becoming an IT hero: Giving your team the flexibility they want and the security they need

In the modern-day workplace, it’s become more and more common for the lines to blur between what apps and tools are appropriate for business versus those that are best left at home. Any IT pro knows why this behavior—often c...

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Thumb original explore whitepaper greenbaum n tier erp

Vom 2-Tier- zum n-Tier-Konzept

In der Geschäftswelt wird zunehmend deutlicher, dass zwischen Unternehmenszentralen und Tochtergesellschaften einerseits mehr Austausch und Integration stattfinden muss, andererseits auch jede Organisation weiterhin in der Lage...

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Thumb original mintjutras whitepaper cio

Die Rolle eines 2-stufigen ERPs in der digitalen Welt

Durch die neuen digitalen Technologien haben sich die Anforderungen an ERP-Systeme in den letzten Jahren grundlegend gewandelt. Zudem bestehen für die Verwendung von ERP-Lösungen für Tochterunternehmen gänzlich andere Anforderu...

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Thumb original rf signals whitepaper

Using Wideband IF Digitizers to Solve Challenges in Streaming and Recording RF Signals

This paper describes various capabilities of wideband IF digitizers with built-in FPGA chips in the context of RF signal streaming. Topics include wideband signal streaming, variable burst signal recording, and narrowband signa...

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Thumb original idc tech spotlight us42065016a 120817

The Need For Graphics Virtualization In Modern End-User Computing Environments

As more enterprises undergo digital transformation to the 3rd Platform of computing – comprising cloud, mobility, big data/analytics, and social business – the manner in which desktop operating systems (OSs) and applications mu...

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Thumb original datastax ebook architects guide to cx

The Architect’s Guide To CX: How to Build a Real-Time Customer Experience Platform

Great Customer Experiences Start with Great Data. Regular customer experience solutions just segment and stereotype their customers and perform in a sort of action-reaction, request response manner, rather than being instant...

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Thumb original datastax wp dse advanced security

Achieving Data Security and Compliance with DataStax Enterprise

DSE also allows you to achieve compliance with a variety of commercial and government security standards by leveraging advanced security features in accordance with best practices outlined in this paper. This paper provides ...

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Thumb original res134282

The Forrester Wave: Translytical Data Platforms, Q4 2017

The 12 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up. Analytics at the speed of transactions has become an important agenda item for organizations. Translytical data platforms, an emerging technology, deliver faster acces...

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