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Sunrise Communications Standardizes on cost-effective Red Hat Software

Sunrise Communications, Switzerland’s largest private telecommunications provider, must balance quickly launching new, competitively priced services with meeting strict data protection, security, and stability standards. To ach...

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Molecular Health supports SAP HANA Clinical Data Warehouse with Red Hat

Molecular Health, a leading biomedicine company, uses big data analytics to provide comprehensive medical and therapeutic services. The company previously used a SUSE Linux platform to support its SAP HANA environment for its c...

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The Strategic CIO's Playbook

CIOs aspire to create the “perfect” IT environment to drive business growth. But every environment is unique. True digital transformation requires a Hybrid IT model that blends on-premises systems, cutting-edge platforms, and...

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How Composable Infrastructure Can Fuel Breakthrough Business Innovation And Performance

IT leaders desperately need to innovate their infrastructure and operations practices to remain competitive in the age of the customer. While public cloud offers benefits of speed and scale, leaders recognize that the “one-size...

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HPE Synergy For Dummies

In this 72‐page book, we explain what makes HPE Synergy tick. After reading this book, you’ll know what comprises an HPE Synergy environment, how it all fits together, and how it integrates with your existing data center. Ev...

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The New Wyse 5070

Introducing Dell's Wyse 5070 – the most versatile, scalable and capable thin client ever positioned for the mid-range – setting the new standard for price/performance. The performance scalability of the 5070 extends the reach o...

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Five reasons to refresh your thin clients

Over the last five years, thin client technology has transformed. See how the new generation of Dell's Wyse thin clients can power your organization – through reduced costs, improved security, simpler administration and better ...

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Dell wyse 5070 backmounted 1000x500

One Thin Client To Rule Them All

With the Wyse 5070 thin client, Dell expands its professional Wyse portfolio by a new device that connects users to Citrix, VMware, Microsoft VDI infrastructures and browser-based solutions such as Office365 and Google Docs. ...

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Wyse5070 jeffmcnaught

Dell Wyse 5070 Thin Client

See Dell's Jeff McNaught, VP of Marketing & Chief Strategy Officer for Cloud Client Computing at Dell Corporation, talk about a new generation of Wyse thin client – the Dell Wyse 5070.

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Experience the new wyse5070

Experience The New Wyse 5070 Thin Client

Experience the possibilities of the new Wyse 5070 thin client by Dell. Learn how thin client technology helps to deal with growing cyber threats, increasing cost of energy and many more challenges modern enterprises face.

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