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Thumb original managing successful process mining initiatives

Managing Successful Process Mining Initiatives with SAP Signavio Process Intelligence

Die Methode des Process Minings ermöglicht Ihnen umfangreiche Prozess­analysen. Sie erkennen die Schwach­stellen und Optimierung­s-potenziale in Ihren Prozessen und können auf dieser Basis Veränderungen auf den Weg bringen. All...

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Thumb original introduction to customer journey mapping

Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping: Visualizing Customer Touch Points from Start to Finish

Nur wer seine KundInnen begeistert, kann langfristig am Markt bestehen. Der “Ultimative Leitfaden für Customer Journey Mapping” deckt genau ab, wie Customer Journey Mapping einen kombinierten Fokus auf Operational Excellence un...

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Thumb original how to create a single source of truth

How to Create a Single Source of Truth: A Guide for Business Transformation

Alle Organisation sind sich stetig verändernden Marktbedingungen unterworfen. Je flexibler und agiler man sich diesen anpasst, je resilienter man als Unternehmen ist, desto mehr Wettbewerbsvorteile entstehen. Hierfür ist es ...

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Thumb original 7 step guide to operational excellence en

7 Step Guide to Operational Excellence

Organisationen aller Branchen streben nach einem wichtigen Ziel: Operational Excellence. Sie versprechen sich davon effizientere Prozesse, bessere Zusammenarbeit und ein durchweg positives Kundenerlebnis. Doch wie richten Si...

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Thumb original desko whitepaper kyc

How to optimize and digitize the INTERNAL PROCESSES of your identity management

KYC (Know Your Customer) is an important part of compliance management in many industries, including banking, rental, notaries and gaming. Clearly and securely establishing the identity of customers is a key element of the l...

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Thumb original eb virtual cc

Moving to a Virtual Contact Center

Long-term success in business is not just about delivering a great product or service. It’s about delivering a great customer experience. And that long-term success is only possible when your contact center agents are able to n...

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Thumb original eb agentsbehaving0220 us

Are Your Contact Center Agents Behaving Properly?

In recent years, the contact centre has transitioned from being a burdensome cost centre, evolving into a highly desirable profit centre that no company can be without. However, the traditional contact centre metrics are often ...

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Thumb original forrester the total economic impact of dell emc servers for sap   is2003g0001 001

The Total Economic ImpactTM Of Dell EMC Servers For SAP

To run a digital business that is Intelligent and agile, your enterprise requires an IT landscape capable of connecting the front and back offices. In other words, the ability to engage customers depends on the often- unseen ca...

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Thumb original five lessons learned from the pivot to a distributed workforce   en

Five Lessons Learned from the Pivot to a Distributed Workforce

Today, it is increasingly important to enable your employees to work remotely. Working remotely gives employees flexibility while making them even more productive, which in turn keeps them engaged and happy. Blurring the lines ...

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Thumb original a buyers guide to optimizing your remote employee s extended network   en

A Buyer’s Guide to Optimizing Remote Employees’ Extended Network

The shelter-in-place mandates put in place earlier in 2020 sent most employees home, and for the next few months they strived to stay connected and productive, while IT teams scrambled to provide infrastructures to support them...

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