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Triggering is often overlooked as a key selection parameter until after the instrument is purchased. Digital triggering provides significant advantages over traditional oscilloscope analog triggering, and should be highly consi...

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Cloudya: The Smart Cloud Communications Platform

Reliable. Independent. Flexible. Cloudya is everything your landline isn’t. And it’s purpose-built for hybrid working (in the office, at home or on the go) so you can get more done at a fraction of the time and cost.

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With Cloudya you get one smart cloud communication platform that does it all!

Are you ready for flexible communication from the office, at home, or on the go No matter if you are looking for simplified voice calling, easy video conferencing, or seamless integrations for your CRM and collaboration too...

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Achieve your best RTOs and RPOs

In an increasingly digital world, all organizations, across all industries, are susceptible to disruptions resulting in downtime and data loss. Given enough time, it is almost guaranteed that your organization will encounter a ...

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Manage and Mitigate the High Cost of Ransomware

Get Ransomware Ready with Zerto Ransomware is one of the most dangerous threats to organizations around the world, and both the threat and the cost of ransomware attacks are continuing to grow. If you are not prepared for an...

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Modernizing Data Protection in a Hybrid World for Financial Services

PeerPaper™ Report 2022 Financial services firms need to balance strict security and compliance requirements with mandates for digital transformation and customer expectations for an “always on” business. Data protection, in ...

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Rescue oder TeamViewer? Beide Lösungen im Vergleich. Das Ergebnis: RESCUE SCHLÄGT SICH BESSER!

Um Ihr Helpdesk mit der richtigen Remote-Support-Lösung auszustatten, sollten Sie die Fakten kennen. Die unabhängige Zibis Group hat Rescue und TeamViewer verglichen: Welches Tool unterstützt Sie in einer zusehends digitalen We...

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Managing Successful Process Mining Initiatives with SAP Signavio Process Intelligence

Die Methode des Process Minings ermöglicht Ihnen umfangreiche Prozess­analysen. Sie erkennen die Schwach­stellen und Optimierung­s-potenziale in Ihren Prozessen und können auf dieser Basis Veränderungen auf den Weg bringen. All...

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Introduction to Customer Journey Mapping: Visualizing Customer Touch Points from Start to Finish

Nur wer seine KundInnen begeistert, kann langfristig am Markt bestehen. Der “Ultimative Leitfaden für Customer Journey Mapping” deckt genau ab, wie Customer Journey Mapping einen kombinierten Fokus auf Operational Excellence un...

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How to Create a Single Source of Truth: A Guide for Business Transformation

Alle Organisation sind sich stetig verändernden Marktbedingungen unterworfen. Je flexibler und agiler man sich diesen anpasst, je resilienter man als Unternehmen ist, desto mehr Wettbewerbsvorteile entstehen. Hierfür ist es ...

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