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Thumb original small cell surge protection position paper

The Critical Role of Surge Protection and Power Distribution in Protecting 5G mmWave Small Cell Networks

5G small cell sites typically consist of existing poles with attached concealed radio equipment and antennas, or more integrated poles packed with expensive electronic hardware. These densely packed nodes are increasingly susce...

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Thumb original hima white paper hart solution pu00012982

Secure Access to Field Device Data Holds the Key to Digitization and Optimized Maintenance

The digitization of field devices offers plant operators a huge potential to reduce operating costs while increasing productivity. With over 40 million field devices installed, the HART communication protocol is the most widely...

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Thumb original machine vision whitepaper emea en

Edge-based industrial machine vision applications

Machine vision systems are pervasive. You’ll find them everywhere you go and they are part of everything you use. From spam filters to image recognition and processing, they have permeated our daily lives, whether at home, at w...

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Thumb original cs 0065   break out of the network upgrade cycle   en

Break out of the Network Upgrade Cycle of the Past

The network is a crucial part of daily IT operations—yet many teams are still spending more time managing complexity than innovating. In a traditional hardware-first approach, application security is bolted on after the fact, a...

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Bildschirmfoto 2019 06 05 um 13.54.52

3 reasons why now is the time to rethink your network

Today, every industry is being reshaped by technology. Traditional data centers are morphing as apps and data migrate across clouds, to the edges of the network and back. This digital transformation has the ability to lower IT ...

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Thumb original managed service providers can solve  the top five challenges with network transformation

Managed Service Providers can solve the Top Five Challenges with Network Transformation

ZK Research defines digital transformation as the application of technology to create new business services and processes by leveraging the convergence of people, processes and networked things. Digital innovation involves comp...

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Thumb original dcma 0482   embracing a hybrid cloud strategy for dummies

Embracing a Hybrid Cloud Strategy For Dummies

The key challenge for organizations pursuing a hybrid cloud strategy is finding an operational model that allows them to achieve interoperability at the lowest cost and complexity, while preserving maximum flexibility around ho...

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Thumb original infographic   top 5 benefits of vmware cloud provider   en

A Cloud Built For You

Different businesses require different cloud strategies, but one thing is consistent across the board: No matter who you are, the cloud is sure to play an important role in your organization’s future. Enterprises slow to ado...

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Thumb original datastax wp aligning gdpr requirements with todays hybrid cloud realities

Aligning GDPR Requirements with Today’s Hybrid Cloud Realities

The enactment of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents a significant milestone for virtually every international business. Under the standard, organizations will need to comply with an extens...

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Thumb original datastax ebook powering growth and innovation in a hybrid cloud world

Powering Growth and Innovation in a Hybrid Cloud World

Learn how an Active Everywhere architecture provides infinite scale, high availability, and a consistent enterprise data layer across on-premise, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments.

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