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Festlegen der Managed Services und SLA

Sie möchten Ihr Angebot und Ihr Geschäftsmodell vom klassischen Break-Fix stärker zu Managed Services verlagern? Glückwunsch, denn damit gehen Sie einen entscheidenden Schritt in eine erfolgreiche Zukunft! Eine Transformation...

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Optimizing the PC Lifecycle

Managing the day to day burden of PC lifecycle management leaves IT little time for innovation. It leaves little opportunity to take advantage of new trends fundamentally changing the way IT is consumed and delivered. And it pr...

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The Total Economic Impact TM of Dell's PC Lifecycle Services

Both public and private organizations acknowledge that managing the PC life cycle becomes more complicated and expensive as the variety of PC devices and employee workstyles increase. In order to be fully productive, different ...

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The PC Lifecycle Continuum: From Control to Transformation

As diverse organizations seek to implement data-driven strategies, the personal computer in all its varieties remains the key workforce productivity tool. IT leaders must guide PC management across the entire PC lifecycle to en...

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Multi-cloud business continuity and data reuse

Public cloud-based business-continuity solutions offer ways to minimize capital outlays while maintaining the accessibility of precious data. Production data can be stored on-premises to ensure security and improve system perfo...

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High-performance private cloud toolbox

Capturing and keeping competitive advantage in the 21st century requires much more than raw speed. IBM research confirms that today, more than three-quarters of enterprises have deployed some type of cloud computing capabilitie...

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Thumb original por quc%cc%a7 fallan las empresas en la transformaci n digital  hacia la empresa inteligente

Por qué las empresas fracasan en su transformación digital: el camino hacia la empresa inteligente

Capturar el mayor porcentaje de oportunidades digitales posible requiere la creación de nuevos modelos empresariales tecnológicos, como la monetización de datos, la economía colaborativa y los modelos de ingresos basados en pla...

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Thumb original erp inteligente  la gu a gold   convertirse en una empresa inteligente

La guía Gold Convertirse en una empresa inteligente

El personal laboral está protagonizando una revolución humana. Y al acelerarse el ritmo al que se producen los cambios, los empleados pierden el control sobre sus objetivos con el detrimento que esto causa a su trayectoria p...

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Thumb original dcig all flash storage array buyers guide   en  1

All-Flash Array Buyer's Guide

Enterprises are aggressively adopting all-flash arrays, and for good reason. The current generation of all-flash arrays address critical business priorities and deliver a return on investment of well under eighteen months in mo...

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Machine Learning Delivers Better IT Insights

A few macro-trends have magnified the challenge of satisfying the business. First, peoples’ expectations have been raised and their tolerance for delay reduced as they’ve developed heavier reliance on IT. This probably doesn’t ...

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