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Thumb original idg quick pulse whitepaper   hyperconverged infrastructire delivers value

Hyper-Converged Goes Mainstream: Modernise Your Data Center and Transform IT

IT organisations need to support greater business agility and value through: • Scalability, flexibility and performance for a wide range of workloads and applications • Fewer silos and reduced deployment complexity • Stron...

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Thumb original forrester tei for pure storage evergreen storage subscription

The Total Economic ImpactTM Of Pure Storage Evergreen Storage Subscriptions

In late 2016, Pure Storage commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) organizations may realize by taking advantage of Pure Storage Everg...

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Thumb original datastax wp aligning gdpr requirements with todays hybrid cloud realities

Aligning GDPR Requirements with Today’s Hybrid Cloud Realities

The enactment of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents a significant milestone for virtually every international business. Under the standard, organizations will need to comply with an extens...

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Thumb original datastax introduction to the active everywhere database

Introduction to the Active Everywhere Database

For almost half a century, the relational database management system (RDBMS) has been the dominant model for database management. However, today's business needs are forcing data management into new use cases, such as managing ...

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The True Cost of Complex Infrastructure

The first platform built from the ground up for composable infrastructure, HPE Synergy empowers IT to create and deliver new value instantly and continuously.

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Thumb original flash powered   dell emc data domain systems

Flash Powered - DELL EMC Data Domain Systems

Is Your Data Protection Solution Ready for Tomorrow? 82% Believe their current system will not support future challenges! 24% Believe their current system will compete with the speed of Flash Arrays 29% Believer their cu...

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Protect your Data at every point possible with the #1 in Data Protection

Protecting data is a challenge for most organizations today—but it’s not insurmountable. An independent analysis of global organizations and their data protection readiness reveals that a vast majority—nearly 82%—must transform...

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Thumb original dell emc dd and dp suite infographic

One Vendor. One Complete Data Protection Solution.

Protect your data everywhere, from physical to virtual to cloud Lower your cost-to-protect and protect more data – from any threat – with cloud-enabled Dell EMC Data Protection solutions powered by Intel® Xeon® processors. A...

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Thumb original idc vendor spotlight transforming enterprise it in the digital world 2

Transforming Enterprise IT in the Digital World

Digital transformation is becoming pervasive, impacting businesses across regions and industries. Businesses are being reinvented. Digitally fit organizations need to revamp their IT platforms to enable innovation as business t...

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Four Steps To A Data Management Strategy In Light Of Big Data

Strategic Plan: The Data Management Playbook Data is the lifeblood of your entire organization. it should enlighten every function of the business, including customer experience (cX), operations, marketing, sales, service, a...

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