The True Cost of Complex Infrastructure

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The first platform built from the ground up for composable infrastructure, HPE Synergy empowers IT to create and deliver new value instantly and continuously.

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Accelerate application transformation

Modernizing core business applications enables you to adapt and pivot in the right direction, no matter which way the market turns.
Tap into our insight article to explore how to realise the value of application modernization, including:

Embracing change and overcoming cultural barriers
Letting go of legacy tools
De-centralizing data and democratizing decision-making
Developing new application capability safely and securely
Fostering skills development and bridging the gap

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Drive insight and new value with data

Today, organizations must be set up for continuous evolution—and critically, they must be data-driven. Our comprehensive guide helps you plan for new possibilities and create future value by leveraging the power of data and emerging technology.
Find out how you can:

Ensure data integrity trust and readiness
Drive intelligence through data insight
Maintain data security and governance
Enable advanced augmented analytics
Innovate and generate new value
Develop people, skills, and culture

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Enhance resilience and futureproof your cloud roadmap.

Now is the best time to consolidate and work on longer-term strategies to further build resilience, nurture creativity, and enhance operational efficiency.
Read our article to find out how you can:

Get the most from your cloud technology
Create long-term value
Build future-proof resilience
Transform and innovate at speed

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Achieve your best RTOs and RPOs

In an increasingly digital world, all organizations, across all industries, are susceptible to disruptions resulting in downtime and data loss. Given enough time, it is almost guaranteed that your organization will encounter a disruption. Whether caused by a cyberattack like ransomware, a natural disaster, or a human error, each disruption causes enormous financial cost from lost productivity, lost data, and loss of reputation.

When a disruption occurs, an unprepared organization may not be able to recover for hours, days, or even weeks, an ...

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Manage and Mitigate the High Cost of Ransomware

Get Ransomware Ready with Zerto

Ransomware is one of the most dangerous threats to organizations around the world, and both the threat and the cost of ransomware attacks are continuing to grow. If you are not prepared for an attack, you are vulnerable to hours or days of downtime, data loss, and damaging news coverage. To stay competitive, or even survive doing business in the next decade, you must treat ransomware as not just another cybersecurity threat, but as a true disaster.

Ransomware prevention is important but, regardless of how ...

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