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Future proof your investment strategy for data center and cloud

Today’s organizations are under more pressure than ever to innovate fast and offer a superior experience to every customer. Nimble, digitally enabled competitors can bring new applications to market in record time, over the clo...

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Unified Enterprise Data Protection

Data protection is a complicated problem. At first blush, you need to provide a team that will get your company up and running after the data center catches fire and burns to the ground. However, there is a lot more to it than ...

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Enterprise Data Protection: A Four-Step Plan

What goes into an enterprise-wide data protection (DP) plan? More than you think. There are many factors involved in choosing a solution—including the variety and location of workloads, and criticality of each application and i...

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Thumb original v0844 ga ent wp meeting enterprise data protection mandates en

Meeting Enterprise Data Protection Mandates

Enterprise data protection is clearly a mission-critical IT activity. But enterprises have been facing more complexity and more data as they try to adhere to stringent protection-related mandates. These organizations need certa...

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Thumb original v0836 ig data protection is a business challenge

Data Protection is a Business Challenge

Outages and data losses can have terrible business consequences. They are not simply short-time events; they cause significant, lasting disruptions to business operations. Direct loss of revenue is just the beginning of the pot...

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Thumb original v0826 ga ent wp 3 considerations for modern data protection 2019 en

Three Considerations for Modern Data Protection

Today’s digital data deluge has heralded changes in enterprise workloads, with data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning all taking advantage of―and ultimately creating more―data throughout the enterprise. A...

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How to seamlessly embed Information Governance to control your content and processes and reduce compliance risk

With increasing regulations across the globe aimed at protecting personal data and ensuring information is appropriately secured and managed, it is vital to have control of your content and processes. Without suitable security,...

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Innovating In The Exponential Economy

Digitisation continues to drive radical economic and behavioural changes and transform strategies and business models across industries. Freed from traditional constraints, digital natives are competing simultaneously in multip...

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Thumb original idc for next gen arch en 2017

Primary Flash Market Evolving to Next-Generation Architectures

As the information technology (IT) industry enters the cloud era, where hybrid IT is the dominant deployment model in organizations of all sizes, the capabilities of primary all-flash arrays (AFAs) will need to evolve to handle...

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Thumb original third party report   idc   delivering efficient business expansion with dell emc vmware

Delivering Efficient Business Expansion with Dell EMC VMware-Based HCI

Companies of all sizes are rethinking inefficient IT processes that impede business growth and make it difficult to compete in a rapidly changing digital world. The result is an increased use of highly automated, software-defin...

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