Future proof your investment strategy for data center and cloud

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Today’s organizations are under more pressure than ever to innovate fast and offer a superior experience to every customer. Nimble, digitally enabled competitors can bring new applications to market in record time, over the cloud and on mobile devices. As barriers to entry fall and time to market accelerates, organizations are fundamentally changing their operating models. They are looking to explore opportunities in new areas of business, as well as unlock more value from their current core business. And they are seeking to build digital capabilities deep into their business processes and foundation, as well as their data infrastructure. These new business imperatives are driving IT to become more strategic . But they may be hampered by complex environments, siloed architectures, and slow, manual processes . Their existing teams may lack the skills and knowledge to support changing demands and technologies . Many are also struggling to smoothly integrate their existing on-premises systems and processes that they have accumulated over the years, without having to rip and replace key parts of their infrastructure . By embracing a modernized data center, IT and their business constituents can overcome these challenges and position themselves to deliver the speed and innovation that are essential for businesses in the digital economy. In this white paper, we’ll explore the advantages that a modernized data center can bring for IT organizations seeking to keep pace in a dynamic environment. We’ll talk about challenges that are holding back business and IT, and discuss how a software- defined approach can help them move forward. And we’ll present examples showing how VMware solutions can enable IT teams to develop a future-proof strategy to build a foundation that is ready for change—from cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments, to global expansion, customer acquisitions, and beyond.

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Strategia di investimento per Data Center e Cloud a prova di futuro

Oggi, ancora più che in passato, le aziende devono innovarsi rapidamente e offrire ai clienti un'esperienza superiore . La concorrenza, agile e innovativa grazie alla digital transformation, è in grado di immettere sul mercato nuove applicazioni a tempo di record, su cloud e su dispositivi mobili . Con il crollo delle barriere per l'ingresso sul mercato e l'accelerazione del time-to-market, le aziende stanno modificando radicalmente i propri modelli operativi nel tentativo di esplorare potenziali opportunità in nuove aree di attività, aggiu ...

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Адаптивность, Согласованность И соответствие Бизнес-потребностям - Формирование программной основы для создания конкурентного преимущества

Для компаний из различных отраслей происходят глобальные и быстрые изменения. Цифровые технологии распахивают двери для новых бизнес-моделей и возможностей, охватывающих широкий диапазон пользователей и устройств. Возможности безграничны, а по мере интеграции технологий в бизнес-предложения роль ИТ-подразделений становится беспрецедентно важной. Однако многие ИТ-отделы сталкиваются с трудностями, связанными с устаревшим оборудованием, недостаточным финансированием и растущим дефицитом ИТ-специалистов.

Для сохранения конкурентоспо ...

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AI-Driven EDR: The Current and Future Path for More Intelligent Detection and Response

The security professional’s job has become an endless game of cat-and-mouse, continually pursuing invisible attackers that can out-think, out-run, and outsmart most security systems. No matter how efficient and nimble the professional, the attackers are fast, too. And getting faster every day. As a result, endpoints remain vulnerable. ...

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An Economic Model for Evaluating AI-Driven Endpoint Security ROI

BlackBerry Cylance commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct
a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to examine what return on
investment enterprises may realize by deploying CylancePROTECT®
and CylanceOPTICS™.

The resulting study provides readers with a framework to evaluate
the potential financial impact and value of deploying AI-driven
endpoint protection and detection and response capabilities in their
environments. Read this infographic to learn about the key findings. ...

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Artificial Intelligence: The Smarter Approach To Information Security

The news headlines are replete with stories of devastating data breaches,
compromising the personal and professional data of millions. Cyber attackers
spare no industry, infiltrating the assets of even the most sophisticated
technology adopters, in turn impacting their executives, employees, and
perhaps worst of all — customers and users.

The answer lies not in changing the motives of bad actors, but rather,
in the advanced techniques that help them evade traditional methods
of system protection. Traditional AV solutions, which adopt a ...

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