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Delivering Modern Working In Manufacturing

Manufacturing organisations find themselves facing multiple challenges and opportunities. These include managing the complexities of remote working, keeping ever more complex production lines running efficiently, enabling a...

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Empower Your People To Boost Productivity

Today, keeping manufacturing processes running smoothly calls for close collaboration – between personnel, between machines and increasingly, between people and equipment. New digital solutions are providing more ways for em...

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Thumb original ms surface five ways hands on digital tools help manufacturers article  22044

Five Ways Hands-On Digital Tools Help Manufacturers

As the fourth industrial revolution unfolds, digital technologies are providing powerful solutions to the existing and emerging challenges facing manufacturers. From car making to cosmetics production, nearly 65 per cent of...

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Maximize Recovery

Achieve your best RTOs and RPOs In an increasingly digital world, all organizations, across all industries, are susceptible to disruptions resulting in downtime and data loss. Given enough time, it is almost guaranteed that...

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The future of data will be unified

The future of data will be unified, flexible, and accessible

In this whitepaper you will learn: • Why making the most of your data can be a competitive advantage • How to get your data to work for you so you can focus on innovation • Why choosing a well-rounded data warehouse option...

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Empowering the data driven business

Empowering the Data Driven Business with Modern Business Intelligence

Looker is Google for your business data. Just as Google organizes the world’s information, Looker organizes your business data and makes it easy for all your business users to get consistent, trusted answers from the freshest a...

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Unified data cloud for simplicity

Unified Data Cloud for Simplicity and Intelligence to Drive Better Business Outcomes

According to IDC market research, in the fourth quarter of 2021, 46% of data was already being processed in a public cloud and the percentage of companies with at least 80% of their data on the public cloud is expected to doubl...

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2023 data and ai trends

2023 Data and AI Trends Report

To identify the current data and AI trends, we partnered with IDC on multiple studies involving global organizations across industries. We then asked Google thought leaders to weigh in on the research and reveal what’s most imp...

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Make data work for you

Make Data Work for You

In an uncertain economy, driving profitability is the top priority for organizations globally. Leaders need insight into their businesses so they can act with confidence. There is no crystal ball, but you can position your comp...

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Achieveing a unified approach to governed business intelligence

Achieving a Unified Approach to Governed Business Intelligence and Self Service

Data-fueled decisions are critical to organizational success. As more data is created, collected, analyzed, and shared, organizations are rapidly morphing into “data-driven” entities that rely more heavily on quantifiable, veri...

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