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Rescue oder TeamViewer? Beide Lösungen im Vergleich. Das Ergebnis: RESCUE SCHLÄGT SICH BESSER!

Um Ihr Helpdesk mit der richtigen Remote-Support-Lösung auszustatten, sollten Sie die Fakten kennen. Die unabhängige Zibis Group hat Rescue und TeamViewer verglichen: Welches Tool unterstützt Sie in einer zusehends digitalen We...

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Thumb original 5 reasons to enhance spend management

Five Reasons to Enhance Spend Management with SAP® Concur® Solutions

Managing travel, expenses, and invoices is a big job – for finance, employees, and your IT team. You’ve already invested in solutions to make these processes run more efficiently, but automation is just the first step to gettin...

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Thumb original expense fraud infographic

Expense fraud: why it happens and how to avoid it

Read this infographic to learn why expense fraud happens and why.

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Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms

Content services platforms are key components of the digital workplace and digital business. At a time of increased emphasis on the cloud, ease of use, AI and governance, this report will help those responsible for digital work...

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Thumb original ts 0464   6 best practices for modernizing financial services it   en

Drive Top-Line Growth - Six Best Practices for Modernizing Financial Services IT

Financial services organizations around the world are modernizing IT to drive top-line growth and streamline compliance burdens. From multinational brokerage houses to local branch banks, digital transformation initiatives are ...

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100 Days To Success: A Treasurer's Guide To Career Advancement

The first 100 days in a new job are known to be crucial in setting the right course. The challenge facing treasurers is to acquire a quick overview, identify company-critical risks, introduce necessary measures at short notice ...

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Thumb original tis wp secure payments en

Security and Risk Management in Payment Transactions

Alongside smaller companies, there are still many medium and largesized companies that have not yet implemented real-time monitoring of their payment processes. The result? These organizations then fail to discover missing cash...

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