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Kein Fatalismus in der Produktion

Von Krisen, statistischen Fakten und den richtigen Gegenmaßnahmen. Spannende Einblicke aus führenden Studien Fatalismus steht für eine Weltanschauung, nach der Entwicklungen und Veränderungen vorprogrammiert sind. Und zwar ...

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Fundamentals of Building a Test System

Most organizations do not consider production test a top priority, but it is a necessity to prevent major quality issues in the products that represent the company brand in the hands of customers. The costs, however, can be sig...

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NI Solutions Brief: ADAS Test

As advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) introduce new technology into vehicles, they need adaptable, futureproof test systems. NI offers a single, software-defined platform approach to automotive test that can natively...

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EMC Challenges in Connected Cars

New vehicles contain a dazzling array of electronics. Trends such as the ‘connected car’, driver assistance systems and the move towards semi or fully autonomous vehicles are creating a huge demand on the electronics industry. ...

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MLCC Shortages: Considering Your Options

Multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) are ubiquitous in today’s electronics designs. They make up an estimated 30% of the component count in many products, with a market value of more than $8 billion. Recently, there have b...

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Supercapacitors as a Long-Life Solution in Battery Powered Applications

Supercapacitors have long been used for supplying a peak power demand in many consumer electronics devices such as a flash function on a smartphone to deliver large amounts of current quickly and reliably. This whitepaper l...

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How to Cut Time to Market with Value Added Connector Assembly

Manufacturers are facing increasing pressures to get their products to market faster. One way to save vital time is to work with a partner who can provide value added design and assembly services. Distributors such as TTI can p...

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An Engineer’s Guide to Understanding Connector for Use in Harsh Industrial Environments

Connectors are often seen as the weakest link between sub-systems, and sometimes this is rightly so. This can be as a result of underspecifying the connector system or not appreciating the difference between the various rating...

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Choosing the Right Surge Protection for Industrial Automation Equipment

In this whitepaper we highlight the need to employ circuit protection devices within equipment used in the industrial automation environment. With an emphasis more on the aspects of ESD rather than EMC/EMI, we highlight the...

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