Digital Business Process Management: A Transformational Force

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These days, we are witnessing the greatest expansion of information technology into business processes ever seen. Entire new businesses – running solely on the cloud, employing data in new and ingenious ways – are disrupting the corporate world to the point where even the largest organizations are fearing for their relevance. Today’s consumers are digitally empowered, not only with devices, but also an abundance of online resources.

For startups, the equation is simple: devise a business model, surround it with relevant technology, and get the idea to market as quick as possible. If the business model or idea has flaws, adapt on the fly until it resonates.

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Gain Internet of Things insight from Machine Learning with SAP and Red Hat

Across industries, Internet of Things (IoT) devices collect massive volumes of detailed data about their characteristics and operating conditions. The data from each device can be compared with a large dataset collected from similar devices, or things. However, extracting valuable data to create predictive models and gain insight into real-world events and processes requires machine learning.

Red Hat and SAP have collaborated to create a solution for using machine learning to analyze IoT data. This partner solution brief includes an overview ...

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Bayer Business Services Migrates Mission-Critical SAP Landscape From Aix To Red Hat

Bayer Business Services, the Bayer Group’s global competence center for IT and business services, was looking for a way to reduce costs while maintaining the quality of its mission- critical SAP infrastructure. Bayer chose to migrate from AIX, a proprietary UNIX operating system, to Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and substituted IBM servers running on proprietary software with standards-based x86-servers. With this dual solution approach, Bayer Business Services improved performance at a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO). ...

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Transform with AWS ML

Thanks to the rapid adoption of cloud computing, the rise of compute power and data volumes, and the emergence of easy-to-use solutions that require little or no experience, machine learning (ML) is now more accessible than ever. Leading organizations of every shape and size and across nearly every industry are taking advantage, leveraging machine learning to achieve a variety of business results. Read how seven organizations are using AWS machine learning to solve their biggest real-world challenges by improving customer experiences, optimizin ...

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Machine learning drives results

While machine learning has moved beyond the hype to become a meaningful driver of value, many organizations struggle to understand where it should be applied to make the most impact. In this eBook, we have outlined seven leading use cases where organizations have successfully applied machine learning to solve business problems and achieve fast, efficient, measurable results. Follow their example and learn how—with help from AWS—you can strengthen your machine learning business case, kickstart your journey, or expand your current strategy. ...

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IDG Playbook: A Strategic Playbook for Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning

Data has become an essential element of many business models. Today, all organizations must use data, analytics, and machine learning to drive critical business decisions, including when to expand product offerings, how to introduce new revenue streams, where to automate manual processes, how to earn customer trust, and how to optimize interactions with customers and business partners. Read the IDG CIO Playbook for guidance on how to refine your data-driven strategy so you can effectively scale analytics and machine learning across your enterpr ...

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