The Slack handbook for sales teams

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Today’s sales teams need to maximise efficiency. In light of our uncertain economy, salespeople
are learning how to quickly adapt to a more productive way to sell.

The average salesperson only spends 28% of their time selling. Instead, they’re logging client
data, tracking down the name of their customer’s favourite doughnut shop before an upcoming
visit or coordinating internally on the status of a quote approval or a contract.

Use this handbook to learn how to:

  • Get real-time sales data and loop in experts to act on opportunities faster

  • Use Slack’s asynchronous tools to sell as a team

  • Harness the power of automation by creating custom workflows

  • Report and share customer feedback with internal teams

  • Streamline workflows by integrating the tools that you regularly use
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    Reinventing work in development teams

    Development teams have the chance to take a leadership role in the digital HQ era. The agile processes that serve software engineering well can become a template for a new style of work across the whole business. And the tools that software teams use to stay aligned and productive can bring new levels of efficiency to everyone in the organization.

    This guide is about one of those tools. Today thousands of software engineering teams around the world use Slack as their digital HQ. Slack helps those teams stay connected, work productively and a ...

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    Connectivity is now truly ubiquitous. All verticals, without exception, are converging on a future where productivity becomes universally data driven. The devices that will enable these intelligent and connected endpoints will be hugely diverse in their design but share many common features. This combination of uniformity and uniqueness is both an opportunity and a challenge for OEMs looking to leverage the massive IoT.

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    Work patterns have changed forever and modern working, with people able to work from a variety of locations, is here to stay. Many of us have become used to working remotely and collaborating via video and instant messaging. We’ve remained productive, but perhaps at the cost of losing some of the natural, personal interactions that make working in a team so enjoyable. Occasional technical glitches can sometimes dampen the experience and the pressure to be always available can be overwhelming. ...

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    Learn more about the benefits of an Exposure Management Platform for APAC enterprises

    An Infographic brought to you by Tenable with research insights by IDC.

    In this infographic, you will find:

    • Proactive approach taken by Asia Pacific enterprises in their cybersecurity transformation initiatives
    • Top areas where Asia Pacific organizations invest to bolster their cyber defenses
    • Benefits of an exposure management platform

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