Tips to Enhance Your Employee Retention

Tips to Enhance Your Employee Retention

No matter the stage or size your organisation is currently at, having workers leave is not a good practice for any business. When your company experiences a high employee turnover rate, it can cost you double worker’s salary to hire and train a replacement. 

A high turnover results in financial repercussions as well as lowering the knowledge base in the company. Also, it affects the performance and morale of other company employees. If your company want to avoid such situations, it is advisable to retain the best employees. Here are the main tips that can help you keep your employees: 


Offer the Best Training 

Most companies expect their new employees to arrive when fully trained and certified, yet most of them are unwilling to invest in helping the employees maintain those credentials. Whether you offer membership or send your employees to one of the leading institutions available, taking their education seriously can make them recognise it as an individual investment in their career. 

It is also essential to provide training on skill enhancement to your workers. This is critical since the new selling techniques, changes in employment laws, advancement in technology and the impact of the current internet are the main reasons to retain your employees. There are various ways of training your employees, which include mentoring programs, computerised training, outside classes and training and the use of books, audiotapes, articles and DVDs. 


Provide a Comfortable Work Environment and Culture 

All employees want to be safe and comfortable while working. That's why you should ensure that your offices are well-lit, properly ventilated and there is a comfortable temperature. Your company need to have a culture that engages all employees, matches your organisation and motivates your workers. You can achieve this by making your culture authentic and personal. Also, the firm needs to find ways to communicate its vision and remember to put employees first.

Date: 12 October 2018, 14:10 pm
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