Citrix + Google Cloud: Reimagine your employee experience

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Our daily lives are easier and richer because of modern devices and applications—except when it comes to our work. Even routine work tasks often mean switching between applications, remembering multiple passwords, and searching in multiple places for the right file or data. Add the distraction of app notifications and it’s easy to see how employees lose the productivity and quality experience that helps them work effectively. Until now, technology solutions have focused on the productivity side of this challenge. Just as important is the experience side to better engage employees in their work.

The need for a new employee experience is driven by current business needs and trends in four area

  • Engagement drives productivity
  • Higher employee retention
  • New ways to work
  • Organizational agility
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    Strengthening your Citrix security, one feature at a time

    We’ve released a variety of Citrix security features over the past few months that improve security in the cloud, on-premises, and in hybrid environments. Working to make Citrix solutions work for you is our number one priority. We listened to your feedback, and we know that features that power your secure Zero Trust environment, no matter where your desktops are hosted, are the most important to your business. So we built our Destination: Hybrid product roadmap around more security.

    We’re prioritizing the development of features that make ...

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    Top four benefits for healthcare organizations using Citrix

    Explore the reasons why Citrix is the leader in healthcare app delivery

    In the third year of the pandemic, many healthcare organizations are reeling from burnout, revenue disruption, and shifting care-delivery models, as well as the constant threat of cyberattack. They’re turning to IT for help solving these challenges and pivoting to new opportunities for growth and innovation. Citrix is a trusted partner for healthcare organizations building a modern infrastructure designed for secure digital transformation.

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    Computacenter and IBM are committed to reducing emissions and contributing to the global effort to protect our planet, driven by collaboration with customers, partners, and our people.
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    Computacenter has worked closely with IBM for more than 30 years, helping organisations to transform their operations. With a long record of pioneering advances, IBM continues to develop and offer cutting edge software and hardware.
    Explore how our sustainable solutions encompass the selection and sourcing of software and hardware, rapid deployment, seamless integration, and day-to-day operational management. With a focus on minimising risk and cost, our transformative approach includes the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhanc ...

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    Since ChatGPT was unveiled in late 2022, consumer and enterprise interest in generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) has increased. The technology is developing so rapidly, increasingly transforming the way people work. By readying their IT landscape now, enterprises will be able to reap the benefits of AI; if they don’t, they risk losing competitive advantage.

    To maximise the gains enabled by AI, organisations need to review the devices their employees use, as well as their operating systems and data. This article covers six business benef ...

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