Application modernisation – when, why and how

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Call it modernisation, transformation or migration – the success of these cloud infrastructure projects has a remarkable impact on the future of your company.

Legacy applications are an integral part of a transformation project. Getting old apps into new environments means less intervention and day-to-day support from your people. Get this right and your team can take a step back from managing IT infrastructure, focusing your collective energy on optimising for outcomes rather than keeping the lights on.

The case is compelling but getting it right isn’t easy. Yes, it’s revolutionary to move from legacy hosting and application deployment to more agile, modular approaches. But this move comes with a whole host of new tools, methodologies and skills to master. If it was easy, you would have already done it.

In this e-book, we look at a typical application journey from the perspective of an IT Director, looking at the decisions and challenges that must be made along the way.

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