Customer-centricity at scale: Harnessing data to personalize the Automotive customer experience

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Automotive companies (e.g., Original Equipment Manufacturers / OEMs) can find themselves drowning in data. With first-party data, automotive companies struggle with multiple data sources (e.g., call center, CRM, website, mobile apps, service, and social media), each with different formats. They find it challenging to match online and offline behavior, as well as determining anonymous and known users.

When second-party data (e.g., data purchased from partners, research providers, etc.) and third-party data (e.g., data from data enhancement providers and marketing platforms) is layered on, the challenges take on added complexity. Data integration and data stitching require dedicated resources and can take a lot of time.

Data is often incomplete and lacking key information, since it comes from different and disconnected sources. As customers move from one touchpoint to another, gaps can be created, making it impossible to get a complete view of the customer.

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