Thumb original advanced micro solutions for automotive applications

Molex envisions a future with zero accidents, zero casualties and fewer human driving errors improving lives and benefiting society.

Our solutions and technologies are designed to enable optimum safety on the road for electronic systems enabling safe, self-driving electronic mobility solutions.

As a leading supplier of advanced micro connectors, Molex supports tier customers in the development of ADAS car cameras, radar and LiDAR.

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Smart building - TE Connectivity & Avnet Masterclass Series

TE Connectivity is a global industrial technology leader specializing in censoring and connector technology. Here at TE Connectivity, we are committed to unleashing the potential of every connection. This in turn enables high tech applications which are making our homes and factories smarter. We create a safer, sustainable, productive, and connected future for our clients across the globe.

Today’s topic is smart buildings - in this webinar we will explore the key challenges and some of the solutions from TE’s vast portfolio of products whi ...

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Thumb original four trends affecting connectivity design


Designers of electronic products are continually challenged to evolve those products, which requires incorporating the newest features while addressing trends toward higher density, greater speed, expanded connectivity, and improved power management. Facing increasingly short design cycles in an era where products are revised within months, developers turn to the Data and Devices division of TE Connectivity (TE) to incorporate advanced, reliable connectors and components that rapidly drive new generations of electronics.

From “Big Data” and ...

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Ransomware vs. Multi-Cloud: How to Protect Multi-Cloud Environments From the Next Attack

Though the scale and economics of the cloud are a boon for today’s enterprise, moving applications and data out of the data center into multi-cloud environments has greatly expanded threat surfaces, putting enterprises at greater risk of devastating ransomware attacks. This report will explore how to move beyond segmentation inside the data center and traditional next-gen firewalls at the perimeter and build a defense that meets the special demands of a multi-cloud environment. ...

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Thumb original 1250813 23q1 exposing malware in linux based multi cloud environments

THREAT REPORT: Exposing Malware in Linux-Based Multi-Cloud Environments

90% of cloud runs on Linux. So, is it any wonder that malware is propagating in multi-cloud environments under the radar? Current countermeasures are focused on addressing Windows-based threats, leaving multi-cloud deployments vulnerable to attacks.

Based on research conducted by the VMware Threat Analysis Unit, this report uncovers the unique characteristics of remote access tools (RATs), ransomware, and cryptominers on Linux-based systems and how you can mitigate these threats. You will learn more about:

Existing characterization tech ...

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Thumb original 656351 internal firewalls ebook

Internal Firewalls for Dummies Guide

Organizations can no longer rely on edge firewalls alone to provide network security. Once attackers get past an edge firewall, they can move laterally to high-value assets. This book illustrates how internal firewalls can help your organization secure east-west network traffic and prevent attackers’ lateral movements.

In the Internal Firewalls for Dummies Guide, you’ll learn:

The different types of network traffic and the firewall types that protect them
How distributed internal firewalls combine the best of hardware-based enterprise e ...

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