What’s Good for the Earth is Better for Business: 5 ways to build sustainability into your travel program

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Travel sustainability is nothing new. Travel managers, business travellers, and forward-focused people all across your organisation have been talking about it for years. But now that employees and shareholders see its business value – and, more importantly, its environmental merit – it’s time to act.

Momentum is building, and organisations are increasingly being called upon to build sustainability metrics into their travel programs, so travel managers can deliver detailed reports on program performance and finance can keep tabs on travel that is typically more expensive. This eBook is designed to make all this possible, whether you’re launching sustainability efforts or boosting initiatives you already have in place.

The way you travel matters: To the earth, to your company, and to your people. This isn’t some new business concept or global greenwashing bandwagon. Sustainability is about protecting life on our planet, and responsible travel plays a key role.

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