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Building a safe, reliable and user-friendly remote learning capability can be transformational and rewarding for students, teachers and parents alike. But for the staff tasked with choosing a remote learning solution, selecting the right fit from an abundance of providers isn’t easy.

Working together, Dell Technologies, Microsoft and Intel can simplify this decision and give you a proven, fully joined-up solution with everything you need to plan, implement, manage, secure, support and finance a successful remote learning solution.

And we are here to support you every step of the way.

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The Criticality of Data Integrity for Successful Cyber Resilience…and More

Many organizations are trying to overcome data compliance and data-governance challenges against a backdrop of frequent attacks by savvy cybercriminals. Simply leveraging backups to remediate those attacks won’t suffice. Robust content indexing and data classification are also needed, not only to achieve a higher degree of cyber resilience but also to boost IT’s understanding of the organization’s sensitive data and to foster additional reuse capabilities of the data assets. That’s where the Index Engines platform comes into play.

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Modernize and Thrive with Device as a Service

Supporting work from anywhere. Addressing evolving security threats. Lowering IT spend. These are the types of challenges that are top ofmind for IT professionals today. Modernization offers a solution.

But what does modernization really mean, and how can embracing the resulting changes move your organization forward and help IT meet its goals?

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Transform with AWS ML

Thanks to the rapid adoption of cloud computing, the rise of compute power and data volumes, and the emergence of easy-to-use solutions that require little or no experience, machine learning (ML) is now more accessible than ever. Leading organizations of every shape and size and across nearly every industry are taking advantage, leveraging machine learning to achieve a variety of business results. Read how seven organizations are using AWS machine learning to solve their biggest real-world challenges by improving customer experiences, optimizin ...

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Machine learning drives results

While machine learning has moved beyond the hype to become a meaningful driver of value, many organizations struggle to understand where it should be applied to make the most impact. In this eBook, we have outlined seven leading use cases where organizations have successfully applied machine learning to solve business problems and achieve fast, efficient, measurable results. Follow their example and learn how—with help from AWS—you can strengthen your machine learning business case, kickstart your journey, or expand your current strategy. ...

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IDG Playbook: A Strategic Playbook for Data, Analytics, and Machine Learning

Data has become an essential element of many business models. Today, all organizations must use data, analytics, and machine learning to drive critical business decisions, including when to expand product offerings, how to introduce new revenue streams, where to automate manual processes, how to earn customer trust, and how to optimize interactions with customers and business partners. Read the IDG CIO Playbook for guidance on how to refine your data-driven strategy so you can effectively scale analytics and machine learning across your enterpr ...

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