What Every Distributed Workforce Needs


The pivot to remote work happened fast. For some, business was unusual but steady. For others, it was a giant wake-up call. Harder than expected to give employees continuous access to apps and data from everywhere for maximum productivity. Challenging to quickly scale solutions, reliably without sacrificing performance or security. Today’s ‘anywhere organization’ hinges on an intentional digital-first strategy, prioritizing rapid setup, instant scaling, support, and security as the rule, not the exception. There’s no looking back. Only planning for what comes next.

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Addressing Top Five Challenges of Deploying a Comprehensive Disaster Recovery Solution

Even a minor outage can put organizations at a competitive disadvantage, especially in today’s markets. In order to succeed, it is important to have a business continuity strategy in place that protects all data and applications from unplanned system failures. As a result, many enterprises are turning to the public cloud for an effective disaster recovery strategy to avoid the expenses of supporting a secondary infrastructure.

If you’re considering simplifying traditional disaster recovery and providing reliable and cost-effective DRaaS for ...

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The Complete Guide to Cloud Economics

Organizations are moving to the cloud to take advantage of economies of scale, global reach, and to set the foundation for innovation in their business. Yet, despite the obvious benefits, IT leads are facing a number of challenges, such as:

- Analyzing which cloud model is best for their business
- Understanding relative costs and risks of cloud adoption
- Determining how long a cloud migration will take
- Identifying the best migration strategy to implement

Read this eBook to explore the economics of cloud adoption, compare the c ...

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AI and Machine Learning on AWS Confessions of a Data Scientist

If the 21st century has taught us anything, it’s that data is our most valuable resource. Using insight-driven innovation, data is helping solve huge challenges across every industry.

As this world of data has developed, data scientists are transforming humanity’s future with ones and zeroes. As always however, a professional is only as good as their tools.
More machine learning happens on AWS than anywhere else, with over 100,000 customers choosing AWS for its powerful compute, high-speed networking, and scalable storage options for any ML ...

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IDC: The Business Value of Running Applications on VMware Cloud on AWS in Hybrid Cloud Environments

IDC spoke with organizations to understand the IT and business impact of running applications on VMware Cloud on AWS compared to running those on other public cloud solutions. Some of the Key findings include:

· 57% lower cost of migration
· 46% faster migration
· 83% less unplanned downtime
· 351% 3-year ROI

In addition, study participants have recorded improvements in terms of infrastructure availability, performance, and staff time requirements by running workloads on VMware Cloud on AWS.

Download the full report to discover how ...

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VMware Cloud Workload Migration Tools

Before starting a cloud migration project, it is critical to understand the strategies and tools available to you, which will depend on your organization’s goals, timelines, service level agreements, and workload requirements. For example, your migration strategy may prioritize modernization of applications or reducing your on-premises data center footprint.

Download the VMware Cloud Migration Tools White Paper to learn about the migration strategies, types, and tools for cloud migration. Explore your migration options with seamless portabil ...

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