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Research can be funny. It can point to big trends and changes, making a single point feel disruptive and potentially cataclysmic.

A study reported in numerous retail trade publications noted that some 70 percent of Millennials purchased a product via social media. Everyone start your engines... social is the Millennial channel of choice. Or is it? According to Pew Research, 44 percent of Facebook users under 30 have deleted their accounts and apps. So which is it? Are they social... or not?

In the same way that it is increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to define success through a lens of single-point-of-attribution in media mix management, it is equally, if not more difficult, to pin down a single channel of choice for consumers. Or is it?

The CMO Council, in partnership with Precisely, set out to answer some of these key questions by asking the people at the center of this debate: Consumers around the world.

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