How messenger services improve your customer service and increase process quality

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In this “how to” guide you will learn which factors define good customer service. Additionally, we leverage real-time, relevant market data that proves the use of messenger services is critical for customer communication and show how mobile solutions can be used by organizations in a target-oriented and tamperproof approach. Lastly, a personal checklist on page 10 gives you an overview of the most important to-do's on the way to using messengers.

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Discover B2B-Potential on the digital marketplace

E-commerce is also becoming more and more important in B2B. Online marketplaces in particular offer retailers ideal opportunities to sell their products and services to new customers.

In this white paper, you will learn what opportunities this offers for companies and how B2C and B2B marketplaces differ from each other. ...

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How to optimize and digitize the INTERNAL PROCESSES of your identity management

KYC (Know Your Customer) is an important part of compliance management in many industries, including banking, rental, notaries and gaming.

Clearly and securely establishing the identity of customers is a key element of the legally required KYC principle to prevent fraud and money laundering and protect their businesses from harm. However, reliable verification of customer identity is time-consuming and cost-intensive.

We want to help you with this process: our flexibly customizable hardware and software solutions help you quickly and accu ...

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4 Ways to Measure Data Quality

There are lots of good strategies that you can use to improve the quality of your data and build data best practices into your company’s DNA. Although the technical dimensions of data quality control are usually addressed by engineers, there should be a plan for enforcing best practices related to data quality throughout the organization.

After all, virtually every employee comes into contact with data in one form or another these days. Data quality is everyone’s responsibility.

Assessing data quality on an ongoing basis is necessary to k ...

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Working From Home Tools and Solutions

Our leading B2B data ecosystem, B2B IQ, has evidenced a huge rise in demand from thousands of companies across the world, for tools and solutions that enable ‘work from home’ conditions, in line with what your business offers. Reach out to these companies directly with personalised campaigns and generate new leads!

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Deliver Products that Resonate with Your Customers

There are 1.7 billion consumer-class people on Earth (Source: WorldWatch Institute), which means the opportunity for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies is immense. However, the rapid pace of change in the CPG industry and the dynamic consumer mindset contribute to the market’s general volatility. CPG companies must commit to continuous discovery to deliver innovative offerings that consumers can buy precisely when they want them. ...

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