Deliver Products that Resonate with Your Customers

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There are 1.7 billion consumer-class people on Earth (Source: WorldWatch Institute), which means the opportunity for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies is immense. However, the rapid pace of change in the CPG industry and the dynamic consumer mindset contribute to the market’s general volatility. CPG companies must commit to continuous discovery to deliver innovative offerings that consumers can buy precisely when they want them.

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Companies need to move fast, adapt quickly, and innovate continuously. They must satisfy the demands of a modern workforce and technically savvy customer base.

Can your enterprise content management (ECM) systems keep up?

The fact is, legacy ECM systems were architected for a different time and are too inflexible for today’s dynamic business environment.

Fortunately, there’s a new approach to content management that frees you from the restrictions of traditional ECM systems. Next-generation cloud-native content services platforms are o ...

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Integrate Content & Process - How tightly integrating content and business processes can help you create seamless information flow and digital transformation

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Five tips to reach global markets

After a comprehensive development cycle, the careful selection of supply chain partners and the creation of a solid marketing plan, you are ready to launch your newest product. If you are ready to launch and did not consider new markets prior to product design,
the selection of supply chain partners and other preproduction stages, you may be faced with a bumpy, if not painful process. And, with today’s global economy, new markets are likely on your horizon.

Companies of all sizes are looking at opportunities in various countries around the ...

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The Power of Global Mobile Customer Engagement for Travel & Hospitality

The world of travel and hospitality is changing rapidly and this creates new challenges for marketers. Choosing the best way to communicate with your customers, within budget, and with the ability to measure ROI, are critical requirements to ensuring effective consumer engagement.

You need to find innovative ways to engage with and influence your customers’ preferences, while being able to reach your customers anywhere and at any time. It is important to be able to identify communications channels that are cost effective and guarantee the be ...

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The Power of Global Mobile Customer Engagement in Retail Services

Mobile communications technology is influencing fundamental changes in the way that many retail organisations operate. The adoption of mobile technology as an integral part of the retail business model and is fundamental for the survival of many retail organisations. In recent years the introduction of a range of multi-featured Smartphone and Tablet devices, together with an increase in mobile usage by shoppers, makes the lack of a mobile strategy a significant risk for retailers.

Retailers who are actively embracing the use of mobile techno ...

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