Artificial Intelligence: The Smarter Approach To Information Security

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The news headlines are replete with stories of devastating data breaches, compromising the personal and professional data of millions. Cyber attackers spare no industry, infiltrating the assets of even the most sophisticated technology adopters, in turn impacting their executives, employees, and perhaps worst of all — customers and users. All of which bag the question: What's going wrong?

The answer lies not in changing the motives of bad actors, but rather, in the advanced techniques that help them evade traditional methods of system protection. Traditional AV solutions, which adopt a reactive approach to cyber attacks, are ineffective at preventing breaches, relying solely on continually updated signatures or patches to address known threats. But, threats are quickly evolving and multiplying, overwhelming these traditional systems. And, the damage has been staggering.

This e-book covers the current threat landscape of information security, explaining why traditional approaches fail and what artificial intelligence solutions do better. Finally AI-Driven Security Solutions are evaluated and their powerful business impact is depicted.

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Forrester Consulting ofrece consultoría independiente y objetiva basada en investigaciones que ayuda a los líderes a alcanzar el éxito en sus organizaciones. Con un alcance que varía de una breve sesión de estrategia hasta proyectos personalizados, los servicios de consultoría de Forrester establecen conexiones directas entre usted y los analistas de investigación, que aplican perspectivas expertas a los retos específicos para el negocio.

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