Evaluating Digital Identity Providers for Customer Identity and Access Management

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Evaluation Framework for Customer Identity and Access Management
Today, six digital transformation trends are directing how you conduct business. These trends necessitate a different approach to customer identity and access management - one that is all-encompassing for any identity and built for the future.

This highly informative paper helps decision-makers navigate how to evaluate digital identity providers for customer identity and access management (CIAM) based on the six trends. This guide includes definitions and use cases for the modern customer IAM components and capabilities needed to meet demands today and in the future.

Why Read This Paper?
This paper explains how best to evaluate digital identity management providers for CIAM by providing:

-a review of the six digital transformation trends and their use cases
-easy-to-understand definitions of basic and strategic CIAM components
-RFP questions to ask customer identity and access management (IAM) providers for each component

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