LogRhythm for SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework

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Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) facilitates a huge number of financial transactions every day via the secure messaging system it provides to its members. In addition to banks, the system is also used by other major financial players. SWIFT does not maintain accounts or handle funds, but its network moves huge sums every day. Member institutions, if compromised, can be used to send fake messages that other members act upon in good faith. Such activity has resulted in both attempted and successful transfers of funds by cybercriminals.

The Customer Security Controls Framework is a security standard implemented by SWIFT to which members must adhere. Members must attest to their level of compliance with the security controls, and this information will be available to other members. Achieving the kind of network-wide access required to both comply and document that compliance requires an integrated, multi-pronged approach to security.

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