Hyundai Kefico Improves Test Time by 15 Percent

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Hyundai Kefico needed to meet manufacturing test deadlines for increasingly complex powertrain electronic control units (ECUs) with over 200 pins and 20,000 test steps, while staying competitive. They were able to achieve flexible test system configurations of all powertrain ECU types and reusable procedures that guaranteed test coverage alignment from R&D to manufacturing. Explore this NI case study, to learn:

• How Hyundai Kefico went from developing a new tester for every new ECU, with minimum reuse, to creating a Common Platform Tester (CP-Tester) and a standardized ECU Functional Tester development process
• What key components streamlined the test development process
• Why the NI PXI platform is better suited to deal with the complexity of automotive powertrain ECUs

Find out how Hyundai Kefico improves test time by 15 Percent:

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