Creating a collaborative learning environment with Dell and Intel

Creating a collaborative learning environment with dell and intelcover

Transforming teaching and learning with technology for a digital world Technology is critical to student and teacher success in primary and secondary education today. Students no longer respond to the old, static model of a teacher standing in front of a classroom to deliver knowledge in the form of a lecture. Instead, students need an environment that delivers flexible, on-demand approaches that support individual learning styles and help drive a passion for learning. They need an environment that adapts to their needs and allows them to proceed at their own pace. Dell and Intel, and their Intel Unite® Solution for Education, can help create and sustain that learning environment. Learn more about Dell solutions powered by Intel®.

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Harness Digital To Modernize Education

Modernizing Digital Technology In Education To Deliver Exceptional Experiences

The advent of digital technology has impacted every facet of society and is now an integral part of how consumers, enterprises, and public sector organizations interact, work, and access information. The Education sector is no different. New and powerful digital technology is driving major changes in how students, teachers, administrators, and participants in the education arena teach, learn, and interact with each other and with their environment.


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Inspiring Today's Students To Become Tomorrow's Innovators

K-12 Use Cases

Devices For Students
A device for each student provides access to information, tools and resources that are critical to modern-day learning.

Devices For Teachers And Administrators
When teachers and administrators have the right devices, they are equipped to optimize productivity, maximize mobility, and meet the demands of the day.

Collaborative Spaces
In collaborative learning spaces, students can create, problem solve and collaborate while using digital tools and resources.

Steam Curriculum
Students in STEAM (Sc ...

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An Economic Model for Evaluating AI-Driven Endpoint Security ROI

BlackBerry Cylance commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) study to examine what return on investment enterprises may realize by deploying CylancePROTECT® and CylanceOPTICSTM.

The resulting study provides readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact and value of deploying AI-driven endpoint protection and detection and response capabilities in their environments. The following Infographic provides a summary of the key findings. ...

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AI-Driven EDR - The Current and Future Path for More Intelligent Detection and Response

This e-book covers various topics related to artificial intelligence driven Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR).


The State of Endpoint Insecurity
Smarter EDR
AI-Driven EDR Drives Better Business Outcomes
What's AI Got To Do With It Anyway?
Evaluating AI-Driven Security Solutions
Choose Prevention and Detection for Superior Protection ...

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Better Security, Fewer Resources - Cylance Bolsters Endpoint Protection Without PC Performance Impact or Incremental Costs

When you consider the number of headlines that appear on a regular basis about major data breaches — despite ongoing increases in security technology spending by organizations — you have to come to the conclusion that something isn’t working.

The fact is, the traditional ways of protecting IT assets are no longer effective in today’s increasingly complex threat environment. Many vendors tout the idea that having a collection of disparate technologies will provide better protection because each technology will stop some threats. But these pro ...

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