An Introduction To The Security Advantages Of Micro-Segmentation

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Whether by choice or necessity, nearly all businesses take on a digital dimension within their operations. Which means nearly all businesses are—or should be— placing increased emphasis on solutions for protecting their network security. It’s no wonder Gartner projects that global spending on information security products and services is expected to grow 7.9 percent in 2016, eclipsing $81 billion.

And as a digital business in this environment of persistent and sophisticated threats, your IT security today is essential for keeping your organization standing. With that in mind, your IT staff needs to become far more than narrowly focused guardians of data center security who concentrate on prevention and deterrence. In fact, the business demands placed upon your networking and security professionals are now threefold: Identify and respond to risks and security needs immediately, reduce business risk by anticipating threats, and maintain end-to-end visibility across your security landscape.

But adhering to traditional security measures, IT can’t stand up to these demands. A new solution is required to achieve effective security controls. In this solution overview, we’ll show you how network virtualization can help deliver micro- segmentation—today’s solution for security in the modern data center.

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