Advance your career with hyper-converged infrastructure

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It’s no secret—traditional hardware silos are no longer the first choice when architecting a modern data center. With their complex processes, limited flexibility, and high replacement costs, it’s easy to see why many organizations are turning to hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) as a smart alternative. According to Gartner, HCIS (hyperconverged integrated systems) will be the fastest-growing segment of the overall market for integrated systems, reaching almost $5 billion, which is 24 percent of the market, by 2019.* Why? Because HCI reduces management complexity, extends the agility of software to infrastructure, and lowers costs. But while it helps ease the burden on IT professionals, it’s also changing roles at every level. What new skills will you have to learn to stay in high demand in a modern data center? Armed with the right tools and knowledge, you can take advantage of this transition to move your career forward.

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Не секрет, что традиционное разрозненное оборудование потеряло ведущую роль при проектировании современных центров обработки данных. Из-за сложности процессов, ограниченной гибкости и высокой стоимости замены, связанных с традиционным оборудованием, многие организации выбирают гиперконвергированную инфраструктуру (hyper-converged infrastructure, HCI) в качестве разумной альтернативы.
По данным компании Gartner, гиперконвергированные интегрированные системы станут наиболее быстро растущим сегментом на рынке интегрированных систем, объем кото ...

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Agile, Consistent, And Business-Aligned - Build a Software-Defined Foundation to Give Your Business an Edge

For companies in every industry, change is happening on a global scale—and fast. The digital landscape opens the door for new business models and opportunities across a wide range of users and devices. The possibilities are endless, and as technology becomes increasingly ingrained in business offerings, IT plays a more critical role than ever before. Yet many IT teams find themselves challenged by legacy hardware, insufficient budgets, and growing skills gaps.

To help the business maintain a competitive edge, IT organizations must:

• Empo ...

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The Total Economic Impact™ Of CylancePROTECT® And CylanceOPTICS™

Employee endpoints are the interfaces between employees and the corporate data and applications they need to do their jobs. Attackers understand this — and actively target employee endpoints as well as the server endpoints hosting corporate data. More than 50% of companies experience a significant data breach each year, and endpoints, as a critical conduit for valuable corporate data, are the top targets for attack. Endpoint security solutions provide a critical line of defense, protecting PCs, laptops, and servers from malicious threats. ...

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AI-Driven Threat and Incident Prevention, Detection, and Response

Traditional cybersecurity approaches suffer from two glaring weaknesses. First, they rely on the digital signatures of known malware in order to identify threats. This approach leaves systems vulnerable to new and non-catalogued malware. Second, they are reactive in nature, ascribing to the “it’s not a matter of if, but when” mentality and often responding to the damage caused by zero-day threats only after they execute. Guarding against known threats is important but in the modern threat, landscape organizations must also address the over 350, ...

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Artificial Intelligence: The Platform of Choice

Artificial intelligence (AI) leads the charge in the current wave of digital transformation underway at many global companies. Organizations large and small are actively expanding their AI footprints as executives try to comprehend more fully what AI is and how they can use it to capitalize on business opportunities by gaining insight to the data they collect that enables them to engage with customers and hone a competitive edge. But, while AI may indeed be the frontier of enterprise technology, there remain many misconceptions about it. ...

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